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K’Nex and Sesame Street Team Up

I was recently sent a K’NEX Sesame Street building set to review. First I have to tell you that I had heard of K’NEX but we don’t own any of their products because neither of my kids have expressed an interest (yet) and their products have always seemed perfect for older kids and mine are still little. So I was excited to receive the 15 piece Ernie set (retails for $10.99), the set includes a rubber ducky, instructions and a sticker sheet. The ages on the side are 2 to 5, so it’s perfect for my two. I couldn’t wait to see which child was going to dive into the set first.

L was the big winner. She loved following the directions and putting Ernie together and playing with him. The first day she put him together a total of 4 times without moving from her spot on the floor. J loved playing with him too but needed some help with certain pieces (ie the legs). The instructions were awesome. So easy for my 4 year old to follow and even J at 3 could follow them he just needed some help with the pieces as I mentioned. Both kids actually are to the point now where they fight over the set. They expecially love the container that it comes in with the lid that looks like Ernie’s head. It’s been a few weeks since we received Ernie and they have yet to tire of him. Which in the toy world if fantastic and worth it’s money in gold.

While the Ernie set is super adorable and who doesn’t love Ernie, they have several other designs like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar. There is a website where you can purchase the sets which range from $10.99 to $31.99. I love these sets and can’t wait to get one for L so they stop fighting over the Ernie one, she really wants the Abby Cadabby one. If you have little ones that love Sesame Street or just building in general these are really cool and I highly recommend them.

Here are a couple of pics of L putting Ernie together…


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It just occurred to me it looks like my crazy calendar people are reading my blog (the date isn’t seen for today). It’s a slow day, give me a break! 🙂

“Such a beautiful sunny day!”

To quote J! He says this everytime we walk outside. So cute. Anyway today we went to the zoo with my mom and grandmother and it was a very nice day. The weather was perfect. Sunny and a high of 61 while we were there. Light breeze. Wonderful. I love this time of year.

We went for a train ride which the kids love. They get so excited everytime we go and today was the last day for the Dinosaur exhibit, Dinoroarus. I have read about the exhibit online and on other’s blogs but we haven’t been to the zoo since April. I prefer to go in the Spring and Fall. It’s much nicer to walk around while you aren’t sweating (my own opinion). J wouldn’t sit next to the Triceratops because it moves and makes noise. Well, they all move and make noise but this one you can get close too. He screamed and had a little tantrum when we got him too close. Another little dinosaur made a freaky noise and it made him jump, I couldn’t help but giggle. L loved it, she was sitting in front of them and watching them, she’s so brave. We saw elephants, leopards, a hyena and a catfish the size of J. He screamed at the catfish and made me move him back away from the glass, but not before I got a picture.

These type of days are my favorite. I can’t wait for the month of October. It’s my favorite month of all. Want pictures?! You got em! Here are some from today.

Excited about the train.

My brave girl.

The gigantic catfish that scared J. He is pretty close to the glass.

Which Superhero Are You?

Apparently I make a better sidekick. Thanks to Dawn til Rusk, I found this over at her blog. Take the quiz and leave a comment on who your superhero alter ego is… can’t wait to hear.


Your results:
You are Robin

Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
Young and acrobatic.
You don’t mind stepping aside
to give someone else glory.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test


Today I’m Writing About: An Embarrassing Moment

Absolutely Bananas wants us to share our most embarrassing moments. Wow I really had to sit and think. There wasn’t really anything worth sharing until I thought all the way back to grade school.

My best friend Angie lived in Webster Groves and every time I would spend the night (in the winter) we would walk up to the outdoor ice skating rink. One time our friend Sara went along too. We were walking down the hill that used to lead to the rink and Sara was going to fast down the hill, I told her to slow down or she was going to slip. It was really wet and muddy. Sure enough she fell and slid down the whole hill and was covered from head to toe in mud. It was the funniest thing I had ever witnessed. My friend Angie and I were laughing so hard that I actually wet my pants. There Sara and I were both mortified, standing at the bottom of the hill right in front of the rink. Our friend Angie just continued to laugh (what are friends for). We hiked back up the hill and walked back to Angie’s house to change our clothes. We didn’t return to the rink that day.

That’s probably the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to me, or at least the only one I can recall at this moment. I could probably write a book on things that embarrass me.

Check out everyone else’s humiliation at Absolutely Bananas.

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A week in my life challenge

I read Ali Edwards’ blog everyday (those who scrapbook will know who she is) and this weekend she challenged her readers to create a layout/album about a week in their lives (her weekend creative post). We basically need to carry our cameras with us all the time (which isn’t a problem for me) and just take random pictures of our day and also document, document, document our days. Save receipts or special papers and then create a layout with all of the information I collect. I am super excited to start. The hardest part for me will be taking a picture of myself everyday. I hate taking pictures of myself and hardly ever show them to anyone (I am not the most secure or photogenic for matter). After we are done then we share. So I will post mine here when I am done. Good luck to me, I will need to stay on task to get this one done.

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Ahead of the game

88 days to Christmas. No fooling.

Here is how ahead of the game I truly am.

  • I have made the family christmas lists
  • Purchased several christmas presents
  • Had the christmas picture taken
  • Cards are planned out
  • Address list all set and ready to go for the cards

Boy does it feel good. I should really do this every year. (yeah just be sure to check back in November, I may not be so put together still).

The funny thing is…

This weekend we’ve had a couple of funny things happen. Just random everyday funny.

#1 First you have to know that JT has a pretty funny sense of humor. The other day JT bought this shirt at Target that has all these superheroes on the front. There is one that we weren’t able to identify so JT just decided to call him Stan Green (which happens to be one of my close realtives names). The kids just looked at him like wow I can’t believe Dad knows all of those cool superheroes and one is Papa. Yeah big men on campus.

#2 I was watching my recently purchased copy of Sex and the City last night in our bedroom and the remote is really dumb, you practically have to have a degree to work it so I finally figures the dang thing out and was pressing play – well at the same time the fan went up one speed. Apparently the fan (which is controlled by remote) and our TV/DVD player are all on the same frequency. So I hit play and you have to hit it 3 times to get the fan back to the setting you want.

#3 We got my Halloween village out today and I will start setting it up this week. L helped carry all of the boxes up from the basement and everytime she picked one up she would say “oooh this one gives me the willies”, “this witch is really full of willies”.

My favorite music

I took my ipod back off the dusty shelves. It’s been a while and too celebrate I deleted all my old songs and downloaded all new ones. I use it primarily while I scrapbook, so what do I listen too. Well quite a lot of different things. No making fun.

When I scrapbook I play these songs over and over because they are all pretty high energy. To me anyway.

  1. Leavin’ by Jesse McCartney (yeah this one is slightly embarrassing to admit but I like it)
  2. So What by Pink
  3. U + Ur Hand by Pink
  4. Who Knew by Pink
  5. Paralyzer by Finger Eleven
  6. Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson
  7. and I always finish it off with If I Had A Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies (just because it makes me smile)

So yeah I may not have the best taste in music but all of these songs make me happy and I am more creative when I listen to them. Can you tell I am going through a Pink phase?! I like her bitter!

My only comment/question

Okay just one question: Does anyone know if John McCain served in Vietnam? He hasn’t mentioned it in the last 20 seconds. 🙂 Just checking.