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Just some random stuff + videos

JT and I really have been looking into a HUGE change. We are considering a move to a different city. This is so unlike me. I would never in a million years just up and move because I wanted to but I am not getting any younger and feel like it would maybe be something fun. The best news… my mom would move too. She would love a change too. So it would be perfect. I wouldn’t leave my mom we are too close. I’ll keep you updated. JT is currently fishing the job market.


I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 last night and really enjoyed this episode. I love being a voyeur in their lives. It’s really a cute show. Afterwards I watched The Singing Office (which was okay, not really interested) but Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered their music video called Together, I found it on Yahoo….

What did you think? I thought it was okay, it was cute enough.



Speaking of mom’s, do you watch Design Star? Did you see Michael Striebling’s reaction to getting kicked off last night (having his show cancelled). I couldn’t help but laugh, I know I have a mean streak. I can’t find a video of it… but I really do think that Tracee should have gone last night instead of Michael but he did completely miss the point of the challenge. Come on now she’s been in the bottom 2 for four weeks now. She is barely getting by in my book.


I saw the show Wipeout last night for the first time (it was a repeat of the very first show) and we laughed and laughed at all those people. It was definitely a fun show to watch. JT of course thinks he could do it. Doesn’t any and every man think that? I myself would never do that. But did you see the lady with her butt crack showing. We laughed till we almost cried when we saw her try to get through the qualifying course. The commentators on this show are hysterical. I think that if they didn’t say such funny things I would lose interest in the show pretty quickly. Okay I am very excited I found video, she’s at 3:48 the second contestant, ENJOY!!!. If you stick around long enough check out the British gal at 8:06, really what is with asking for everyone’s mommy while on TV.

I wonder if anyone will ever make it across those big balls? Here’s part two if you are interested. The first guy is a complete tool and really the gal at 4:41 is wishing she hadn’t looked like that on TV right now I am sure. GEEZ!!! This is why I will not be appearing on this show. I would rather laugh at these people than have them laugh at me. But the hosts and commentators I can’t say enough about, they crack me up.


Has anyone seen this Huggies commercial. It’s so funny. I saw it for the first time last night and I laughed so hard. The baby in this commercial is so stinkin cute.


Have a good day!!

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At what age…

So in all of the internets opinion what is the best age to: (L is 4)

 – Have a child learn to write their name? Is it something I should be working with L on now?

 – When should a child start learning to read? Does L need to know some stuff before she starts preschool 4?

 – Does she need to learn to tie her shoes? How in the world do you teach a little one to tie their shoes. We tried it once and it was so frustrating, plus I don’t any of those little story type games for shoe tying.

Ugh!!! Can you internets help me out? You get contradicting information on-line and from people so what do you think?

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Firecracker Issues

   I love the Fourth of July. I love the color scheme, being patriotic, the festivities and I do really love fireworks (there so pretty and I am right along with everyone else in the ooh and aah department), as long as they are being performed at an event and not in my front yard or alley. Right now we are having a problem with some boys in our neighborhood. They love to walk up and down the sidewalks just talking but they will just stop in front of either our house or one of our neighbors house and just sit on our front lawns or our steps. They aren’t doing anything wrong and I don’t yell at them but jeez this irks the crap out of me and it’s starting to also bug the neighbors too. The worst part is the throwing of the fireworks in front of our houses and in our yards. Well yesterday it all came to a head when I saw them standing in our neighbors yard lighting a firework, they threw it backwards towards their house and ran. I saw my neighbor come out so I met him out there and was telling him what I saw. With that he goes down to the house where they hang out and they were throwing fireworks off of their balcony (this is about 7 guys hanging around, they intimidate me, apparently not him). He basically told them to not come down on our property and shoot off their fireworks that the next time we would call the police. We don’t care what they do in front of their house just don’t do it in front of ours. One gave him attitude and the other were nice enough.

Today we got home from running some errands and as we were parking they were walking up towards our house (no big deal), it’s a nice cool day out so I came in and opened our blinds and some front windows. Well three of them sat down on our neighbors front steps (breathe – they aren’t hurting anything – let it go). Their friend walks up and asks for something, he hands them a huge bag of firecrackers (the kind you light and they make a huge noise when they go off) so I watch to make sure. They walk away, good. I go about my opening of windows. Here they come again towards our house. They get one house away, one kid lights one and lauches it towards our steps, it goes off and so do I. I run down the stairs and open the door. I tell them in my nicest your not my kids voice: Guys come on not in front of my house, anywhere else, not here. They were very nice and said sorry, I said it’s fine this time just not in front of my house. One of them told me to have a nice day.

Now of course because they were so nice I feel like I should have explained myself more. With two toddlers and two dogs I don’t want any of them in danger at any time. I understand it’s a stupid little firecracker but the possibilities of bad things happening increases. Plus I really like my house and my stuff and would really prefer that it not catch on fire or any of my outside yard be damaged.

Unfortunately this is only the start of it, our neighborhood is really bad come Fourth of July. It’s illegal here in the city but not a single person cares about that. I wish I wasn’t so uptight about it but I just can’t help it (I sound so old). On the actual Fourth of July and for like a week after no one sleeps in our house. They fireworks keep my kids up and freak out my dog. From where we live you can even hear the downtown fireworks (they sound like thunder to the kids). So if I am uptight for the next two weeks bare with me.

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Today we went out with the kids and it wasn’t for an errand. We actually went to a movie with the kids. I can’t believe it. This may seem like a normal thing for most of you but for us, not so much. We don’t usually like to spend the money to go to the movies, especially because the kids don’t sit still for the movie. BUT we had a gift card to Wehrenberg so off we went to an 11:30 showing of Wall-E.

    It was a very cute movie. I think though it was tad bit over the kids heads. They didn’t sit still for the first part but once Wall-E goes to space they were into watching it again. It was nice though because we all shared a popcorn and soda and JT and I got a mini date. All in all a good day and a cute movie. Oh yeah the best part was the Pixar short. I love these though.

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I couldn’t resist

So my cousin O was talking about the Friends episode where Ross get a fake spray tan (I can’t even type that sentence without laughing) because her and her mom went and got spray tans. So I watched the video last night on YouTube that she linked too. I laughed my butt off but there is one clip that tops that. If you were a Friends fan like me I bet you know which one it is…. that is one of my top 4 favorite episodes, here are the other 3. They make me laugh til I cry.

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Just because

Just because I am enamored with my brother right now for helping me on our trip I’ve decided to list his top 10 wonderful traits & talents. Plus he reads my blog every once in a while 🙂 isn’t that a good enough reason.

  1. He always has time to give the kids a hug or to just play with them.
  2. He helps us out by watching our dogs for us when we leave for out of town.
  3. He can make anyone laugh.. if you ever meet him ask him to do his Ross Perot imitation (he’ll kill me for that one)
  4. He is a very talented artist but unfortunately he shakes.
  5. If you’re partiers, look no further for a good time.
  6. He treats JT like a brother.
  7. He’ll give you the shirt off his back, if he has one.
  8. He’s loyal to his friends and family.
  9. He’s polite and kind (nice).
  10. He has a great laugh and smile.

Wanna see some pictures? Okay just one (since my other posts were so full of pictures).

Isn’t he cute? Yeah, sorry ladies, he’s taken. He has a great girlfriend. Oh I almost forgot, he can also name all of the Wiggles (he tried to win us some concert tickets for J) and he knows the Caillou theme song. Could you ask for a better brother and/or uncle.

Our Lake Trip in Pictures: Day Two

After what seemed like a bad night’s sleep for me (sleeping in the same bed with the children is never a good idea when you value your snooze time). My mom woke us up at 8:00 am and we went out and sat on the porch overlooking the lake. It was beautiful outside. We ate breakfast and went for another boat trip. It was very nice on the boat. Here are some pictures from that trip.

Uncle Na and L enjoying the shade on the boat. He’s such an attentive uncle.

 Poor L, the longer we were on the boat the more tired she got. Here we are just starting to lose her.


Even J got a little tired. Here they are on the floor of the boat. L is asleep, J is pretending.

Poor L she was just so tired.

What I think is a cool picture of my brother (he wasn’t posing).

Here’s a really short video I took on the boat. J is really cute how he’s waving to the camera. I could eat him up.

J never did sleep on the boat I think he was afraid of missing something. The wind was really bothering his eyes so I lent him my sunglasses. I love this picture. The hair is very stylish.

Here’s another cute picture of J. He cracks me up. Apparently this lifestyle suits him (except for the no nap part).

When we got back to the dock my mom and I took the kids out on the paddle boat, L had been bugging since we got there. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

My mom took the kids swimming one more time before we got cleaned up to leave.

Sadly we packed, got dressed, cleaned up the house and packed the car. It was time to head home. I could’ve stayed for another day it was so nice.

Here’s one last picture…

My kids really adore my mom!! So do I!!! Thanks mom and mom’s friend for a wonderful two days.


Our Lake Trip In Pictures: Day One

Warning this is a heavy photo blog. We had so much fun. We did a lot of boating, which everyone really enjoyed.

Uncle Na and L getting ready for a boat trip.

We went to a beach, which the kids really enjoyed. They loved collecting rocks and…

… swimming (walking out to) with Uncle Na.

Actually J was so daring that Uncle Na had to rescue him once.

J was able to drive the boat, not just steering but also the throttle thingy (I’m not a boater, can you tell). He had so much fun that he wouldn’t take his hand off of the throttle thingy (?). Plus it was fun for us. One minute we would be going super fast and the next at a complete stop. He was only allowed to do that once though. Then he was shown what to do and told to basically keep it where it is.

A simple shot of Ms. L enjoying the ride.

After our boat ride we returned to the house to rest and get ready for dinner. I filled up some water guns and played pwewwie (sp?) guns with J (that’s what J calls it), he’s all boy!

He is so stinkin cute, but two days without a nap will make even the cutest and most well-behaved boys go crazy. I’ll be back later with Day Two. It’s nap time.


We’re Back and We’re Tired!!

Tired again, that should be the name of my blog… Just kidding.

We are back from the Lake. We had an awesome time. I relaxed, took boat rides, swam, drank… it was very nice. I found a couple of homes that JT and I could buy, let me know what you think.

Just a quiet little summer home at the Lake. Nothing too big!!

But here’s the best of all. This is where we were fortunate enough to stay:

Isn’t it beautiful. It was so lovely and relaxing (wait did I already say that). I’ll be back later to post some pictures of the kids and their uncle, I say uncle because you will not be seeing a picture of me in a bathing suit on this blog.


We’re off on a little jaunt

We’ve been invited to go to the Lake of the Ozarks tomorrow and Wednesday so we will be gone for a bit. Out of touch for a while. Out gallivanting around. Just the kids and I though, JT won’t be able to make it, he has to work. BOOO!!! HISSS!!! But we do need to eat when we get back so I suppose staying home to make money isn’t all bad. We will miss him terribly but we shall charge onward towards fun. Trust me he will have some fun of his own while we are gone. Home alone, without a nagging wife and two toddlers. I am sure he will make do. My mom, her friend, my brother, me and my two kids will all be in attendance. So I won’t be one man down on the kid front I will have 6 more hands. It will be lovely.

I’m off to pack… yikes!!! I don’t organize very well in short periods of time, I usually need at least a week’s notice. I’ll do my best, all for the sake of a little boating and water fun. Ta Ta!!

Oh did I mention it’s supposed to rain tomorrow and maybe Wednesday. I am currently praying to all gods that we have nice weather.