Monthly Archives: October 2010


Time… the thing that is seriously lacking from my schedule lately. Since the last time I posted (reviews not counted) we’ve been on vacation, worked a ton, celebrated family birthdays and we’ve been dealing with illnesses.

We had a fantastic vacation and if I ever get caught up with work I’ll post pictures of our trip.

This week is about balancing my time. I need to balance work, life and Halloween preparations. I’m library mom this week plus also room mom for both kids’ parties and there are a ton of things I need to do for those parties. I have 5 sessions due by Saturday, I got one done last night so 4 more to go. Yeah sure I’m busy but I really do love every second of it. The only thing holding me back is this cough I’ve had for 3 weeks. Hopefully my inhalers start to work and that will go away.

The funny thing is the closer we get to Christmas I automatically feel like I have less time. So I might as well make friends with it, that’s a quote from my wise mother. She’s really good at putting a good spin on things and if you can’t make it positive, make friends with it.

Well blogging is eating up the time so I’m off to start my crazy week.