The funny thing is…

This weekend we’ve had a couple of funny things happen. Just random everyday funny.

#1 First you have to know that JT has a pretty funny sense of humor. The other day JT bought this shirt at Target that has all these superheroes on the front. There is one that we weren’t able to identify so JT just decided to call him Stan Green (which happens to be one of my close realtives names). The kids just looked at him like wow I can’t believe Dad knows all of those cool superheroes and one is Papa. Yeah big men on campus.

#2 I was watching my recently purchased copy of Sex and the City last night in our bedroom and the remote is really dumb, you practically have to have a degree to work it so I finally figures the dang thing out and was pressing play – well at the same time the fan went up one speed. Apparently the fan (which is controlled by remote) and our TV/DVD player are all on the same frequency. So I hit play and you have to hit it 3 times to get the fan back to the setting you want.

#3 We got my Halloween village out today and I will start setting it up this week. L helped carry all of the boxes up from the basement and everytime she picked one up she would say “oooh this one gives me the willies”, “this witch is really full of willies”.


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