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Some stuff from today

So I am totally geeked out!!! AGAIN!! I received my first scrapbook kit from Paper Posies. I could not be more excited to use the new items. Here is a picture of what I received….

If you scrapbook you probably understand my enthusiasm. If you don’t bear with me I will move onto something else.

Right now my 4 year old is watching High School Musical. You of course know what this is or you might just be living under a rock?! Okay so I had never seen the movie until yesterday and thought L might want to watch it with me for the first time. So now she’s really “into it” those are her words, not mine. I am just surprised that she’s so “into it” I thought for sure it would be over her head. Oh well guess you can’t keep them young forever.

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Wordless Wednesday – Cousins & Best Friends

Check out all the other Wordless Wednesday pictures here. Have a good Wednesday.


Mother’s Day Wishlist

If you could wish for anything this Mother’s Day what would it be? Here are a few of mine.

1. A massage/facial day at the spa

2. Enrollment in a photography class, he would pick a class for me, enroll me and just tell me where to go.

3. A movie date with my husband. We never go anywhere together anymore.

4. A gift card to Quiktrip (I am so easy to please) so that I could just stop in the morning, get my coffee and run right back out the door.

5. A class at my local scrapbook store, with a $200 credit for spending while I crop.

6. While we are dreaming, A crab free day where the children would get along, not be too loud and would just be darling little angels. Better yet, JT take them away from a whole day. WOW!!! What would that be like.

7. Maid service. OMG that would totally rock!

8. My children taught to be tech savvy and be able to turn on their own movies, especially when J requests a different Wiggles DVD every 10 minutes.

9. A trip to a beach somewhere just the 4 of us and all we would do is lay there on the beach and have drinks served to us and the babysitter would come get the kids and put them down for naps while we stayed right where we were.

10. Something brilliant from my loving husband that he came up with all on his own because he listens to me and would know exactly what would make me smile, ie: capris or something dull like that, but it would be the thought that counts and he would have listened.

Just dreaming today. I am a little tired J’s been up since 5:30 and wouldn’t go back to bed (UGGHHH!!) and I didn’t know what else to post about today.

What would you dream for?


Voting has begun!!!

Are we there yet mom has closed the photo contest and today the voting starts. Please go take a look and vote for my picture. I could use all the help I can get. There are some really good photos. Thanks I appreciate it.

My ABC Disney Scrapbook

Since my house is officially clean now I can reward myself with a little scrapbooking. I would like to do our ABC album first because I believe I have it all worked out in my head. But now the tough part, I am going through picctures trying to find something to match all the letters. Harder than it sounds. Here’s what I have:

A – Ariel/Anastasia/Animal Kingdom  

B – Buzz Lightyear/Belle/Bambi/Baloo/Beach Club  

C – Cinderella/Castle/Chip  

D – Dumbo/Donald Duck/Dale/Drizella/Dinoland USA/Disney Studios/Daisy/Dopey  

E – Epcot/Elastigirl/Eyeore  

F – Frozone/Fireworks/Fantasyland/Fairy Godmother  

G – Goofy/Green Army Man  

H – Hotel/Henna/Hugs/Happy 

I – Incredibles/Ice Cream/It’s A Small World 

J – Jasmine/Jessie 

K – King Louie/Kilimanjaro Safaris/King Triton 

L – Lilo/Lady Tremaine/Living Seas/Lion King/Lightning McQueen 

M – Mulan/Mater/Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse/Magic Kingdom/Monorail

N – Naptime/Nemo/Neverland

O – Orlando/On the road again

P – Peter Pan/Pool/Pluto/Pinocchio/Pocahontas/Princess & Pirate Party/Pirates of the Carribean/Playhouse Disney

Q – Queen of Hearts/Quarter Press Machine/Quasimodo

R – Roller Coaster

S – Spectromagic Parade/Sleeping Beauty/Simba/Stitch/Snow White

T – Tigger/Tinker Bell/Teacups/Tree of Life

U – Ursula

V – Voyage of the Little Mermaid

W – Winnie the Pooh/Woody

X – eXcellent trip/X-tra special/piXie dust

Y – Yummy/Yawn

Z – zebra

These might help someone with their own album since this is the #1 search on my blog most days “disney abc scrapbook”. So as soon as I start working on the album I will post pictures. Right now I have to finish my teachers gifts. I am making them scrapbooks of the whole year. They are turning out really cute so far. Hopefully my creative juices will continue to flow. It’s hard to make albums for people you barely know. Here are some pictures


Only two pages for now. More to come later.

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101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do

I was at Target today and saw the May issue of St. Louis Magazine, I of course purchased the magazine because I do every month but also because of the cover tag line… 101 Things Every St. Louisan Must Do. I was completely enthralled. I won’t list all of them because that would be plagerism and also take a really really long time. But to see all of them pick up a copy.

Here are my favorites:

#1 The Gateway Arch(of course). I have been several times and JT and I plan on taking the kids this summer. J and L love to look for it in the skyline, you really can’t miss it, especially since it’s downtown and we take JT to work downtown everyday.

#7 Union Station – if you are an STL full-timer than you can remember going to Union Station was a big deal. I remember going down there and visiting the train store (no longer there) or getting a piece of fudge after you watch the entertaining way they make it (still there).

#12 The Saint Louis Zoo Penguins – very cool indeed, literally. We were just there Sunday and Tuesday. The zoo is always a great boredom buster. My kids love going there and especially love the penguins.

#22 Feed the Pygmy Goats– they are talking specifically of the ones located at Grants Farm. Grants Farm is always a great place to visit. You pay for the parking only and of course the awesome Anheuser-Busch beer you can carry around with you (I believe this is the only reason JT goes). Everyone I know has a story of the goats knocking them over or chewing on their fingers and clothes or they have a picture… such as these:

#31 The Butterfly House at Faust Park – L loves the butterfly house but J doesn’t really care for it. Faust Park also has a super awesome playground and the carousel (which happens to be #47) so it’s always a nice day when we head out there.

#32 Mount Pleasant Winery– This takes me back to my pre-child days. Oh how much fun we had on countless number of weekends out there. It’s the most beautiful winery around.

#41 The Great Forest Park Balloon Race – This is a super cool event every September. We always make sure we stay home that day because you can see them take off from L’s room. Then depending on the wind they could pass right over our house. They did one year. The best part is the Balloon Glow they have the night before. It’s beautiful, albeit a little crowded.

#64 Cards take on the Cubs at Busch Stadium – I am not a huge baseball fan but this rivalry and the fanfare will bring out the fan in you or even me.

#76 Slumber Party at the Lemp Mansion– Now I will not go so far as to spend the night in the Lemp Mansion, man it sure is creepy in there, but JT and I did have our rehearsal dinner there and us girls kept freaking each other out in the bathroom.

#82 Spend a Saturday Afternoon on the U-City Loop – A really great street where you can have lunch at Fitz’s, shop at some of the coolest most unique shops around, dinner at Blueberry Hill or get a tattoo or perhaps some piercings at Iron Age.

#85 Gus’ Pretzels – I really love their bratwursts covered in pretzels oh man and dipped in some cheese sauce, yikes that is some good food there.

#86 Saint Louis Art Fair in Clayton –Every September you can view lots of great art and eat some super yummy food in the Clayton area.

#88 Beffa’s – a little restaurant located near AG Edwards (where I worked for several years) you can visit with your friends, eavesdrop on other conversations and have a drink. There isn’t a sign to state where it’s location is, you just have to know where it is. I am happy to say I have been to this fine establishment.

#94 Ted Drewes – Famous for it’s concretes and gets wildly busy on the nicest of days. If you are city resident you know when passing by to stay out of the right lane on Chippewa or you could sit there forever. It gets that busy.

#96 Anheuser-Busch Tour – I didn’t even do this until a couple of years ago. It’s kind of fun plus the free samples at the end are LOTS of fun.

#99 Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus – No I don’t visit often but I have been for lunch several times with my mom and grandmother and OMG is all I can say. The chicken consomme, hot popovers and strawberry butter will make me come back each and every time.

#101 Thin Crust Pizza from Imo’s – Oh yeah! It’s like Whitey’s sometimes you just craze a St. Louis style pizza, plus the salad is my favorite, it’s all in the cheese.

Okay that’s my shortened list. There are so many good things on this list the writers at St. Louis Magazine did an awesome job. There are even some things I have never heard of, check out the magazine and this issue or their website


Is it just my husband?

Here are some things about my husband that make me scratch my head every single time.

  1. My husband will find and watch the craziest, weirdest, wackiest movies ever made. I will ask him nightly what he is watching and he will give some movie name I have never heard of. The only exception to this is of course The Godfather. He will sit and watch this movie and all it’s other parts every weekend, it’s always on TV have you ever noticed that? Remember that scene in You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks is telling Meg Ryan about going to the mattresses? That’s the best scene but yet so true. Every man I know can quote the movie and will watch the movie(s) at a drop of the hat. I watch the movie with him sometimes but I know I bug him, I am always asking questions like, “Who’s that?”, “Why did they kill him/her?” and “What are they talking about?”. I just don’t get it. They are good movies but I just don’t get it. Oh yeah I almost forgot about The Deer Hunter, this is another movie he has to watch every time it’s on. I have seen this movie, granted it’s pretty good but it’s so darn depressing, why would you want to watch it over and over and over.  Right now as a matter of fact he is watching a movie called The Border. How many people do you think actually went to the show to see this flick? Probably not that many. How many of you have even heard of this movie? Probably not that many either. We never ever rent and watch the same movies. I am a total chick flick kind of girl.
  2. How come he can remember stats from a baseball player several years ago and what position they played or what actor played what and in the movie he acted in, but he cannot remember that we have plans this weekend, or that I need to take L to the doctor, his mothers birthday, or to make a simple phone call for me or better yet remember what I said just two minutes earlier? I know that my husband isn’t the only one that does this. His head is like a sponge, it just soaks up information and stores it there until my mom calls with a trivia question or a much needed solution to a crossword puzzle. It always ceases to amaze me when he does this little trick. He’s like a walking encyclopedia.
  3. How he puts up with me! Seriously, I am not the easiest person in the world to get along with. I am quite a B-I-T-C-H actually. I get mad when I drive and scream at everyone. When I am tired it’s like I have PMS. I want him to always say the right thing and I wish he could read my mind while we’re at it. He always lets me talk him into things ie: stopping in Chattanooga to see Rock City or attending a Wiggles concert with the family. He always has patience with me and rarely do we fight plus he’s the best daddy. Did you know that he does the dishes and the laundry and 1/2 the cooking. Plus he takes out the garbage and deals with our dogs. What do I do you ask? There’s lots that I do, don’t think I slack around here doing nothing but yet it never seems to compare to the things he does for me.

 (JT with the kids while at Rock City. No J isn’t catching flies, that’s his new smile.)

I am always in awe of JT, bizarre movie watching aside. Love you JT!!

I just have to post again tonight, sorry

I had to post again tonight, sorry. I have a stupid dilemma and needed to voice it right away. L came home from school today with a little note that I almost did not see, it was pretty small and fell on the floor, anyway, I drifted off subject. The note says “Just A Reminder! Pet Day is Tuesday 4/29. You may bring your pets in for the first half hour of the day. Parents will need to stay during that time. Once we have seen your pet parents may take them home. Thank you and we look forward to Tuesday.” This note really cracks me up for several reasons. Do you really think the teachers are “looking forward to Tuesday”? I know that if I were the teacher I would so NOT be looking forward to Tuesday. They are probably going to get a ton of big dogs that show up. With that said L has practically begged me to let her take our dear sweet dog, we’ll call him… Boo (those who know us will know which one I am referring too) to school on Tuesday. Now this is not a problem he is a very tame and friendly dog, he lets our children crawl on him and will cuddle in L’s lap, the problem (when I tell you don’t laugh too hard) is that he hasn’t been groomed this century (really just this year but it seems longer). So do I run my D-O-G to the groomer before school on Tuesday? Do I leave him at home and listen to L whine because she doesn’t get to show off her pet? Or do I let it go and just take the poor matted, disgusting animal? What would you do? JT looked at me like I had 3 eyes when I told him I might want to get him groomed. Am I really being insane?

Here’s a picture of our beloved Boo with L who is showing off her weird eye trick that’s for another blog another day.

And for those of you out there saying, “Why doesn’t she take the other dog?” We’ll call him Dumbass (sorry I don’t usually cuss on my blog, but if you knew him you would excuse it), all I have to say is ARE YOU INSANE? NO WAY!! He’s like an out of control horse with no morals. Trust me we will stick with the sweet one. Here’s a picture of Dumbass, don’t let the picture fool you, he’s a real pain, just pretty good with the kids.

I’m being edjumacated

That’s right I am taking a “class” in nutrition. It’s actually a very good class. My Parents as Teachers Parent Educator recommended me to the class and I am having a blast, it’s one of our group meetings. We are learning all about the pyramid and what to serve our kids instead of what we currently serve our poor starving children. The presenter is awesome. I adore her. She is down to earth and knows her stuff and knows that we aren’t perfect. You can tell me what I need to eat and 7 times out of 10 I will listen but don’t we all have those days.

Here’s the pyramid we are using:  You can click on it to make it larger.

Now I have learned me some new things in this class… listen up did you know that after the age of 30 women stop producing calcium. What you have at that point is all that you will ever have… unless, you have 3 cups of calcium daily, then you replenish what was used and continue to add to your body. I had no idea, wait, let me take a drink of my milk :-).

Oooh and the best part we eat in this class. Tonight I had the yummiest enchilada with fruit salsa and homemade cinnamon chips. Seriously the yummiest I have had outside a Mexican restaurant. I do currently make an enchilada from Campbell’s Kitchen and it does not even compare to the one I tasted this evening. I’m in love, can you tell?!

Our nutritional leader also gives us handouts with recipes and snack ideas for our toddlers. All in all I look forward to every Thursday night. I even switched from white bread to whole grain bread because she convinced me it was better for me.

All these little things can help in my case, I am a junk food addict (as I eat some cookies). So here’s to eating healthy or the beginning of eating healthy.

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Wordless Wednesday – Meeting their Heroes

Simply unforgettable for both my kids. Check out other Wordless Wednesday’s here. Have a good day!

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