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Thanksgiving with the In-Laws

That title sounds like a horror film doesn’t it… well it’s not. My in-laws are awesome. We cooked a turkey while decorating that day and headed over to my brother-in-laws house (my MIL lives there with them) for a yummy dinner. JT was the turkey cook again and boy did he hit this one out of the park. My BIL and SIL cooked all the sides in between soccer games, their dishes were awesome.

We always have a good time just sitting around talking. The kids get a bit rowdy but we all manage it fairly well. After dinner my niece and SIL headed to the store for some dessert while the kids played downstairs. She returned with ice cream and pumpkin pie that was frozen. Too funny. We had to microwave the pie, it was still good. After all was eaten we played Uno with the kids and talked about Christmas. It was really, really nice. So relaxing. Oh and this time I got pictures of the food and no people. I did not do well this holiday.

Both our Thanksgivings were laid back and relaxed I couldn’t ask for more.



Our Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, albeit normal. Isn’t that all you can hope for is a normal Thanksgiving. The food was delicious, my mom cooked and cooked and cooked. All of our favorites were on the table. I was responsible for the wine and pies. Easy as…. well you know. My favorite Thanksgiving ritual is waking up and watching the Macy’s Parade, I was able to do that with my kids. It was such a relaxing day.

We were at my mom’s most of the day. We visited with my aunt and her family for a while, my grandmother also came downstairs and N8 and Carrie stopped by a little later. We napped, watched TV and played games. We ate till we popped, we made snowflakes, we talked and we laughed. Nothing could have made the day better. Well, probably if I had taken more pictures… that would’ve made for better memories down the road. But I didn’t take very many. No pictures of the turkey and no pictures of the family. Just a few pictures of us playing, which will have to do.

J sitting on my aunt’s lap

L playing with my mom – they’re playing airplane

The 4 of us playing Guess Who

At least I know by documenting our day here on my blog I will always be able to recall our time together.

Thanksgiving Parties at School

Last Thursday my J man had his first Thanksgiving feast at school. I signed up for juice. I figured that was easy, I could handle that. 🙂 It was a busy day, as we were setting up the feast we realized no one signed up to bring the deli turkey so their feast was more like a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. Not a single one of them noticed or cared. They are only 3 and 4 years old.

The next day (Friday) was L’s big Thanksgiving Feast. I actually volunteered to cook the 12 pound turkey for the kindergarten. I’m not really sure what I was thinking but my loving hubby helped me out with the turkey since he cooked it on Thursday and I was at J’s party on Thursday. They had a full feast. All 18 of them finished off the turkey and a gallon of milk. They were hungry 5 year olds. The turkey turned out awesome.

They were two very fun filled days… exhausting but fun.

What I’m Thankful For

I am thankful for so much this year. I just thought maybe I would share so I can look back in a year and remember how truly blessed I am.

– I am thankful for my husband. He does so much for us and I am truly lucky to have someone that loves me as much as he does.

– I am thankful for my two kiddos. They are healthy and such good children. How can I not be thankful for that.

– I am thankful for my family. My mom, my dad, Joan, my brother and Carrie. Such a support system we are blessed to have.

– I am thankful for my in-laws. They truly are a pleasure to be with and I can’t wait to be with them this holiday season.

– I am thankful for my friends. Thanks to facebook I have become friends with some people I thought I had lost in my life, but also thanks to my other friends (I couldn’t begin to name them all). I think the Golden Girls say it best… “Thank you for being a friend; Traveled down the road and back again; Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant; And if you threw a party; Invited everyone you ever knew; You would see the biggest gift would be from me; And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.”

– I am thankful for my new business. My new business is thriving and I am happy for all those that have supported me and my endeavors.

– I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads. Many aren’t blessed with a place to live this year and I don’t take this for granted one single day.

– I am thankful that my husband has a great job still.  I am truly lucky I get to stay home with my kids.

I’ll leave this list for now because I am sure as the day goes on I’ll think of more. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers, friends and family. What are you thankful for this year?

K’Nex Sesame Street Building Sets

Last year I received our first K’Nex Sesame Street Building Set. I posted about our Ernie set a little over a year ago here and believe me, it was a great gift. My kids (ages 5 and 4) still play with that Ernie. When Team Mom sent me another Sesame Street set my kids were thrilled. This set is way cooler.

It’s basically a brownstone from Sesame Street. It’s actually called 123 Brownstone Building Set. It’s geared for ages 2 to 5, retails for $20.99 at Target, Walmart and ToysRUs. You can also find more info at their website. We opened the box and dumped out all the contents, in true L and J fashion (they are really good at making messes).


L and I unfolded the instructions and I sat back and let the kids figure it out. They had trouble with the windows and snapping those into the right places but otherwise they were able to do the whole thing by themselves.



They play with this set all the time. Of course taking it apart and putting it back together in different ways. J will leave the building in tact and play with it like an airplane. The possibilities are endless but if you need a little help there is on the backside of the instructions are activities to help with colors and following directions. These are great sets made by a great company. They would make fabulous gifts for those young kids in your life. Think about these sets when your out shopping on Black Friday.

K’Nex also has a video contest right now. You could win $1,000 worth of K’Nex Building Sets and be featured on the K’Nex website. How do you enter??? Make a video showcases your child’s K’Nex building skills. The videos must be at least 30 seconds but no longer than 3 minutes long and must include one or more of the following K’Nex products… K’Nex 400 piece tub or the K’Nex Sesame Street Building Sets. You can find the rest of the rules on the deadline is December 7th.

Feeling random

 So many things going through my head today, on top of the crazy day I had. So just feel like getting it all down on the blog because I don’t have much else going on.

  • My friend SK and I are so excited, we can’t stop thinking about the possibility that we are going to have a studio. No details yet but Oh-my-lanta it is in the works.
  • I haven’t had a pregnant friend in almost 3 years and now I finally have one. I know she’s having a girl and I can’t stop looking at all the cute baby clothes and blankets.
  • Today I helped in J’s class for his Thanksgiving feast. I was tying a knot in one of the necklaces and pulled too tightly, my arm went flying and knocked over my coffee. All over the project. I was mortified, I couldn’t even talk. Really smooth.
  • Still haven’t finished my christmas cards but only like 17 more to go. Not bad I guess.
  • JT is my hero, he cooked a whole turkey for L’s classroom party tomorrow, while I ran children all about the city today. He rocks, I’m so lucky to have him.
  • Annoyed with my e-mail today. Sent an e-mail with some photos attached to a client yesterday morning and received failure notice this afternoon. Wish I had known earlier.
  • Read If you take a mouse to the movies tonight ($5 book at Kohl’s right now). I thought it was just… eh.
  • Did I mention how excited I am about the prospect of a new studio?! I did, oh sorry. We have such awesome and fun ideas, we may even be able to rent it out to other photographers in need of space.
  • Struggling to find gifts for my dad and his wife. What do you get the man that has everything?
  • Really want to get paid for some work I did over the summer. Hoping to buy a great gift for JT with that cash.
  • Excited for my kids this christmas, we have so many surprises.
  • Found out that L and J (who is taking ballet now) are supposed to wear christmas jammies on stage. Not sure theirs are good enough for stage.
  • Really wishing I had a flip video for the holidays, so many things to record. Would be nice to have something easier than our camcorder.

I guess that’s all for now.

In search of…

I am in search of a good children’s book that is solely about the first christmas (baby jesus and all). Now that both kids are in Lutheran school I really would like something to read to them that explains the first christmas. Nothing to serious, I’m looking for light hearted and fun. If you have a suggestion I would really appreciate it, thanks.

One little girl & two pierced ears

Tonight was one of those moments in L’s life that she won’t forget. It will be with her for a LONG time. Tonight JT and I (J too) took L to get her ears pierced. I was one of those moms that decided my daughter wasn’t going to get her ears pierced until she was 7. That way she could decide for herself whether she wanted them or not. Well, for the last couple of months she’s been asking me to take her but I wouldn’t because I thought my mom would have a fit. Imagine my surprise when this weekend we were at Target and mom saw a pair of gold studs for her and told her that if she got her ears pierced before Christmas she could wear those with her dress. That’s really all it took. She begged me everyday. We decided to make a night out of it.

First we ate in the food court at the mall. We ate at Johnny Rockets and ate at the bar. Why is it these little things thrill them more than anything? They were excited to be sitting there. Then we headed up to Claire’s. From what I could tell walking up there she wasn’t nervous at all, she was jumping around and skipping. We got there and she climbed into the chair, that’s when the nerves kicked in. Luckily JT took pics with my phone while I reassured her it was going to be fine.


This picture looks terrible but I was told to help keep her head straight because she was moving her neck down

She really did not have any tears but she sure did squint really hard.

All done, it took all of 15 seconds to do both. She was happy afterwards, if not relieved to be done. I was sweating because I was really stressed out.

Claire’s gave her a bear to hold onto which is such a good idea. I wish I had thought to bring something she loved to hang onto. I was so proud of her, she is such a brave little girl. When we were done, while Daddy paid she looked at all the earrings and was getting really excited about what lay ahead for her (about 6 weeks).

We started walking back to the car and I remembered I had bear bucks for Build-A-Bear, so we let the kids stop in and pick out an outfit for their animals at home. J picked out the new Darth Vader outfit with the lightsaber (of course) and L picked out a Christmas elf outfit for her doll Annie. To top off the night we stopped in Yankee Candle to smell some candles (more for me) and bought L a cookie for being a brave little girl.

Final picture, up close…

I was supposed to be attending the Pioneer Woman’s book signing tonight but my friend and I decided to not go because of several reasons but mainly we were both tired from working late the night before. I am so glad we did something as a family. Oh, by the way. J wouldn’t watch as L had her ears done. He cracks me up.

School Pictures have arrived

Can you believe my blogging… I am away for days at a time and then come back with a vengance (hah) oh and before I share these with you, my scanner SUCKS. Without further ado…

Miss L is so pretty and did such a good job.

Mr. J looks so much older in his school picture but he did pretty good, it really shows his personality AND he’s not squinting. Love it.

Well done J and L.

A new friend

This weekend I went with a bloggy friend, Marisa, to help her take pictures of three of the cutest kids. She had someone scheduled to help her but he was unable to at the last minute. Something about a frisbee tournament (I think). I was so happy to help. First of all I have always wanted to meet Marisa, we talk often through comments on our blog and e-mail. Second, I love helping photographers. I think we can all learn from each other. Plus I like to feel like I have a few photographer friends out there. We met for lunch at the City Diner on Grand and then headed together to this beautiful house in Ladue for the pictures. I had such a nice time with her and really enjoyed getting to know her. She’s such an easy going person. You can check out her personal blog here or her professional photography one here. Thanks Marisa!!

I’m such a geek, I got home and moved her blog into the People I Know category. This excited me for some reason, can you say DORK. Yeah that’s me.