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Breakfast anyone?

Okay I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not… but I have a severe sweet tooth. Just look at what I am having for breakfast. Not such a healthy choice but I couldn’t resist.


These are such a once a year addiction. I only buy one box because it’s about all I can handle. JT got this box for me through work and I have been saving it, for what I don’t know, apparently breakfast for a leap day. Do any of you have a sweet tooth beyond control? My hubby makes fun of me from time to time, but I’ve replaced sweets with smoking. I think sweets are the better choice… don’t you?

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It’s a sad, sad day for our little buckaroo

Free Smiley Face Courtesy of L woke up this morning at exactly 1:00 am, she needed to go potty but was still very whiny, I put her back in her bed and went to bed myself. Woke up like 5 minutes later to her screaming, she was gagging in her bed. We run to the bathroom and she says “no mommy I ok”. I asked her if she wanted to sleep with us and of course the answer was yes. She slept for a whole 20 minutes when she threw up, luckily I was listening for it and was able to grab a trash can (so I salvaged our bed) but from then on she was up every hour until 7:00 am. She got up and moved to the couch and continued to be sick all morning long. I was able to keep a little sprite in her tummy and she took an hour nap, she was a little better after the nap but still not our L.

Needless to say I had to call her teacher and her and Daddy missed Western Daddy Night at school. It broke my heart, there would be no red cowboy boots worn by L or Daddy in his special (borrowed) cowboy hat, she was so excited and her class had even learned a special song for the occasion. Why do these things happen at the wrong times? I guess it becomes a life lesson about disappointment but I wish it had happened tomorrow, I don’t have plans tomorrow. Poor thing. The craziest part there was no fever so we think it was food poisoning. Here’s hoping that she is able to sleep through the night.

I hope it’s not the flu again… I have had it twice since Christmas (still have a cough), JT has had it once, J had it once and now for L, if it is the flu and not food poisoning, it’s twice for her. Could we get a little break, please?!


Tomorrow is western night at L’s school. It’s a special night of school instead of during the day and it’s even more special because Daddy is the special guest. They are dressing up in their western best and should have lots of fun. Don’t worry I am sending the camera with Daddy, hopefully we will get pictures back. If I do, I will post them.

Works for Me Wednesday – Breaking up Fights and Hitting

I had to think long and hard for a topic today. Finally one came to me. My son has taken to hitting lately with anything that he is holding and my daughter is always the target. wfmwsmall2.jpgWhat I have come up with is a time out for that toy. He’s too little for time-outs and they just haven’t been working when I try them with him so the toy gets a timeout and I set a timer, when the timer goes off he has to say he is sorry and then he can have the toy back. This is usually only one or two minutes and the entire time he is screaming and crying but I am trying my best with him, I just talk him through the minute or two. The second thing I do for the fight over the same toy… I bring out the timer again. Each kid gets 15 to 20 minutes with the toy. This usually ends all fights and they forget about what the timer is for after the second turn. Usually by then they are sharing nicely.

These tips are all I could come up with this week. Check out more WFMW tips at Rocks in my Dryer.


Wordless Wednesday – A Legacy Lives on with a Hat


This is a hat that my recently departed grandfather always wore. The kids LOVE to wear it around the house. I allow it as long as they are careful.

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Dirty Screen

I have the dirtiest screen, here’s what I use to clean it.

(I got this from my dad the other day.)

Did you notice?

I have a new ticker on my site. My mom’s divorce will be final on March 4th, unless there is yet another continuance – fingers crossed there’s not. She will finally be free of the dead-beat, abusing, fat, ugly, lazy, moron that she married 8 years ago. Can you tell I don’t like him? Anyway I will be counting down the days till he’s gone. Then, I will celebrate. Feel free to join in.

HMO Hell

Man have I been in a tissy all day because of our insurance company. For a month and a half we have been told that our insurance company and the company JT works for aren’t hmo-man.gifable synch up their records (laymans terms), so I haven’t been able to schedule anything for our dear J (speech therapy, occupational therapy) because they haven’t gotten control of the glitch. What they really need to do is get their heads out of their (*****) butts. The asteriks insinuate what I really want to call them. The company keeps telling us 24 to 72 hours. This has been since January 19th. So finally I pulled out my mean momma don’t mess with me voice. If you have ever met me you know the one I am talking about. I have had enough of these companies screwing with my family and their needs. All I know is that now I have a true understanding of what it feels like to not have insurance. You are scared of accidents or illnesses everyday. I am in the mood to rent Sicko tonight.

JT and I are conferencing with the two companies while I type this so that’s why I am a little hotheaded. I actually started screaming at the lady and JT had to calm me down. He’s basically paying, out of paycheck, for insurance we aren’t even able to use. Um, so does that seem right to anyone? Doesn’t make sense to me. I think they should credit us two months of insurance (yeah right). Sorry about my insurance rant but for crying out loud this is absolutely ridiculous. I have never had a problem with my insurance until we switched to HMO last year. HMO is cheaper guess I know why.

Have you seen

The game show My Dad is Better Than Your Dad is on right now and I think it’s kind of a cute concept except I can’t stand Dan Cortese. He’s obnoxious!! JT said that he would never be on this show if he had to wear the dorky outfits they make you wear (like a high school wrestling outfit). Poor L and J, I guess their dad isn’t the best dad after all (just kidding) he would kick all of their butts, he’s just a tad on the vain side. Love you hon!!!

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A little break

I took a little break this weekend from blogging. It was nice. I caught up on some scrapbooking and reading. It was nice, I gave my eyes a break too. My left eye twitches all the time, I have no idea why. I am thinking eye strain from the computer but who really knows. Maybe if I feel up to it later I will post some pictures of some of the pages I worked on this weekend.

We had a busy weekend… Saturday L had dance class and then we went to my in-laws for dinner which was nice because I was able to partake in some adult conversation besides JT. Thanks goes to my niece who entertains the kids and keeps them out of trouble, which can be quite a task. We borrowed some luggage from them for our big upcoming trip (6 weeks).

Sunday we cleaned up around the house a little and then went to my mom’s for dinner and L spent the night with her GeGe, which is a nice break for us (J isn’t quite ready for sleepovers yet). When we got home we watched the Oscars. I was thoroughly unimpressed. Jon Stewart was funny but it just seemed long and I barely knew the movies that were up for nomination. I scrapbooked and listened to my iPod mainly.

So tonight we are expecting more snow. Yippee!! NOT! I am sick of snow and ice. The ice from our last storm was finally all gone today but here comes some more, just and inch or two but still I would like some sun and warmth. I will be sure to get my fill while in Florida, maybe bottle some up and bring it home with me 🙂

Finally today I received my very first etsy order. It’s something simple but something I am way excited about. They are tags I am going to use for a scrapbook project. She was a wonderful seller and I would buy from again (Elle’s Studio @ www.ShopEllesStudio or at Here’s a picture of what I got img_9242.jpg, not very exciting to look at but very exciting to work with.

Have a good night.

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