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It’s supposed to snow tomorrow. Well at least I think it’s starting tomorrow. I’m a little confused by the “time line” they keep posting. It’s changed a little over time. We’re supposed to have an inch of ice underneath the snow and the snow is supposed to come in bucket loads. This morning they said 1 to 2 inches an hour. Plus it’s going to be a thunder snow storm, which magnifies everything. Where I live in the Lou it’s predicted at 4 to 10 inches. Really?! 4 to 10. That sounds pretty vague to me. Either a fair amount or a TON. We’ll see. Right now it’s just sleeting. Leaving a sheet of ice on the cars and steps, roads are ok at this point and the snow hasn’t started.

There are press conferences being held, they’re worried about power outages. So they have a bunch of city and county officials on TV talking about how bad it could be. It’s a little exhausting. There are also news reports about all stores being out of everything. There’s no bread, eggs, milk, snow melt, etc. Just pure madness.

My family is safe and sound at home and at this point even if our principal doesn’t call school tomorrow, mine aren’t going. It would have to pass us completely by and at this point I don’t think that’s going to happen. My mom is safe at home, she’s not planning on going to work the rest of the week. My dad is supposed to leave tomorrow for Mexico so we’ll see if that actually happens. His flight might be canceled. The biggest family news… my niece will be arriving no later than Friday thanks to induction. We pray that it’s not tomorrow, not that we don’t want her to come but we want her to come safely.

So there you go SNOWMAGGEDON!! We’ll see how it all pans out.


Valentine Card Ideas – Lots of Links

It’s always easier to come up with ideas for my daughter’s Valentines then it is for my son’s. Boys are pickier and the older he gets the pickier he gets. So here are some ideas we are toying with…

I’ve always wanted to do this Valentine but it was done by a lot of people last year so I’m not always so quick to jump on a bandwagon.

Love all of these ideas at eighteen25. L really wants to do this idea from Family Fun and we thought this idea from Family Fun for J. L did these last year and they were cute but a little to bland for my taste.

We made these for the teachers last year. This is another one I’ve always wanted to try. Oh and how many little girls do you know that would love to receive one of these.

I really dig these, but where in the world would I find a ton of shovels. BTW… she is still playing Christmas music on her blog, eeek!!

❤    ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤   ❤

So those are the “card” ideas but what about crafts. This is a fairly crafty holiday. So I wanted some ideas for crafts. I love this heart wreath. Seems like a few too many steps but I bet it’s sturdy.

Some tissue paper flowers would be awesome for the teachers.

I’m in charge of games for L’s party at school. I think that this would be fun for her class.

This felt necklace is so cute. I can see L sitting for hours making these for the people she loves.

Another awesome valentine craft for a teacher, aunt/uncle or grandparent.

The paper lover in me adores these hearts, not sure what to do with them but SO cool. I could see someone putting them on a tree as ornaments but my tree is down already.

I really really “HEART” these. I want to make them for my Daisies. And these are adorable. I’m such a sucker for felt hearts.

Finally my kids are so in love with tic tac toe right now that I think this would be an awesome gift for them.

What day of the week were you born?

Have you read this poem before?

Monday’s child is fair of face

Tuesday’s child is full of grace

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

Thursday’s child has far to go

Friday’s child is loving and giving

Saturday’s child works hard for it’s living

But a child that’s born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blythe, and good and gay

So what day were you born? My mom, hubby and I all sat down to figure out who was born on what days. Mom and JT were born on Thursdays. My sis-in-law and I were born on Sunday’s and my brother and my kids were born on Mondays. We went a little farther because it became an obsession. My father was born on a Wednesday, my grandmother was born on a Saturday and my grandfather was born on a Friday. Not that any of you care for this knowledge but it’s nice to have it documented. So now I am very curious to see what day my niece will be born. It’ll be this week. Probably on one of the days we are supposed to get bad weather. My poor sis-in-law and brother.

I Wish and Other Observations

I’m sick and tired of looking at that Toy Catalogs post, aren’t you? Yeah I thought so. Thought I’d try and blog this week. So far it’s not working out for me but today is a SNOW DAY. We had a snow day last Tuesday but I was stuck in a jury room from 9:00 to 4:30 while my kids played at home with a distraught daddy. Poor Daddy still had to work but the kids really wanted to get out and play. It was quite the tug-of-war from what I’ve heard.

I wish I was one of those moms that on a snuggly snow day we all cuddled and watched movies and did art projects… but I’m not. Right now I’m watching Kathie Lee and Hoda while I listen to my children fight in the other room. JT is trying to work while I do a lot of yelling. We’re not off to a good start. I could bundle them up and head out to play in the 5+ inches but I’m reserving our energy for that later. Those of you that have children know what it’s like to bundle them up to play outside in cold wet snow for a matter of minutes because it’s in the single digits. So we’re putting off the inevitable for a while.

I watched American Idol last night. I love the tryout part of the show, the rest tends to bore me quickly. But I have to say I really liked Steven Tyler. I thought he was hilarious, sure he acted like a pig but he’s a ROCK STAR. What did you expect him to act like? Loved him. I think the judges are awesome this year.

Since we’re on the subject of TV I thought I’d mention I’m a little excited to see the new show Perfect Couples tonight. Olivia Munn (one of the shows stars) was on Hoda and Kathie Lee this morning and she’s funny. So funny I started following her on twitter. Yes it’s a true commitment.

I’m enjoying my first ever cup of choffee. I’m always looking for ways to enjoy coffee at home because it’s cheaper. But the barista’s at Starbucks are just perfect in every way handing me my cup of hot yumminess every morning so it’s easier to just give in a visit one my 3 local Starbucks. Anyway I was catching up on blogs and reading Big Mama. She was talking about her favorite winter time drink. Half hot chocolate and half coffee. Well sounds good enough for me and since today I’m trapped at home, choffee it is.

Oh and I’m not in the mood to link today. Sorry. Feeling a bit lazy.

Yesterday my dd performed in a Pom Pom performance at my alma mater. It was very exciting because I really want my dd to be better at everything. I sucked at everything, I was a sullen, sad, mean, defiant picked on, awkward teenager so if she shows interest in anything we are there (except sex but we won’t go there yet). If she wants to be popular and a cheerleader that’s fine with me. Just do something.

And in final news for today… we are on the countdown to Baby M. My brother and sis-in-law are expecting. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it a time or two but her due date is Wednesday the 26th and so we are all patiently waiting, maybe not so patiently but we are still waiting. Those babies have a way of doing that to you don’t they… making you wait.

If you’re in STL enjoy your snow day!!