FLU sucks!!!

This post is for posterity sake… my little guy was super brave when he went to the ER for the first time and I want to make sure I always remember.

On Sunday I had a session with some lovely friends. While there I received a text from JT that I didn’t check until I was leaving. It said “FYI J puked all over the loveseat and rug. Not sure if I should wash the loveseat cover”. YIKES and YUCK!!! I was secretly glad I wasn’t home. I don’t handle puke very well. So I called JT on the way home and talked to him about J, he said that he was still puking and that he was in a ton of pain. Stomach pain. Oh man. He had eaten a sucker at his haircut appointment on Friday so I figured it was that stuck in his stomach. I asked JT if his tummy was distended again, nope…. okay well I told him I’d be home soon and to hang in there. When I arrived home J was pale, lethargic, puking and crying in pain. I called the exchange and waited for an hour for them to call me back. Worst hour of my life so far as a mom, or at least that I can remember.

Finally the nurse called us back and she told us look don’t break any laws but let’s get him to an ER right away, which one do you want… that’s a tough question. I picked MoBap because I knew that the Children’s there wouldn’t be as packed as Children’s downtown. After I hung up with the nurse I actually had to excuse myself and cry in the other room before we headed out. I called my mom and dropped L off at her work. Poor guy was still in such bad shape, we made it to the ER and had to stop right away because little guy had to puke in the parking lot. My friend called while we were comforting him and I answered, i was definitely not in my right mind… I told her I can’t talk at ER with J, she said, HANG UP GO!!! It’s kind of funny now to look back.

We made it inside and the poor little guy was just miserable. They hooked him up to an IV pretty fast, drew some blood and started to hydrate my baby. To know J is to know that the child FREAKS out when he is around needles and/or blood. JT and I knew this wasn’t going to be good. He did a lot better than we expected but once he saw the blood he screamed. All was cleaned up and they strapped his tiny little arm to a board and we waited for x-rays.

He fell asleep and was able to rest since he was receiving fluids for his dehydration plus some Zofran for the queasiness. When he was awake we talked about how mommy had to take Zofran when I was pregnant with him and L, it made him smile. We woke him up when the wheelchair arrived. The nurse pushed his chair, I held all the stuff we had and JT had to pull his IV pole along. 😦 It was just pitiful. He did say something kind of cute before his x-ray he looked at us and said I’m gonna get to look like a skeleton. His little weak voice sounded happy about that… ahhhh always a boy.

The x-ray came back clear and there was no obstruction. Thank god. His blood work came back and all of his blood counts were fine and his organs were in good shape. Thank god again. So basically he had a funky virus that has been going around. THANK GOD!!! I mean really… you feel slightly foolish for taking a child to the ER with just a virus/flu like thing… but the crying in pain was what put me and I think the nurse on the phone into enough of a panic to send him to the ER. When you are there you just want to leave with a healthy child. You don’t want to be told something is wrong. So I am extremely grateful!!!

Pictures of J at the ER

So we got home about 2 1/2 hours after we began the ordeal, not bad. JT went out to buy some powerade for J (supposedly the best for a dehydrated flu victim) and while he was gone… I lost it. I was so sick. I’ll spare you but good god. It’s been ages since I’ve been that sick. JT returned to find two of his dear family members knocked out on the couch.

Here’s his picture because he’s my hero. Thanks honey for taking such good care of us this week and for checking online to make sure I didn’t have E Coli :).

One other funny thing J said when we got home… I don’t ever want to go back and get an IV but my favorite part was the warm blankets. 🙂


One thought on “FLU sucks!!!

  1. Becca says:

    Those warm blankets are the best aren’t they? Glad he’s doing better!

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