K’Nex and Sesame Street Team Up

I was recently sent a K’NEX Sesame Street building set to review. First I have to tell you that I had heard of K’NEX but we don’t own any of their products because neither of my kids have expressed an interest (yet) and their products have always seemed perfect for older kids and mine are still little. So I was excited to receive the 15 piece Ernie set (retails for $10.99), the set includes a rubber ducky, instructions and a sticker sheet. The ages on the side are 2 to 5, so it’s perfect for my two. I couldn’t wait to see which child was going to dive into the set first.

L was the big winner. She loved following the directions and putting Ernie together and playing with him. The first day she put him together a total of 4 times without moving from her spot on the floor. J loved playing with him too but needed some help with certain pieces (ie the legs). The instructions were awesome. So easy for my 4 year old to follow and even J at 3 could follow them he just needed some help with the pieces as I mentioned. Both kids actually are to the point now where they fight over the set. They expecially love the container that it comes in with the lid that looks like Ernie’s head. It’s been a few weeks since we received Ernie and they have yet to tire of him. Which in the toy world if fantastic and worth it’s money in gold.

While the Ernie set is super adorable and who doesn’t love Ernie, they have several other designs like Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar. There is a website http://knex.com/sesame-street-building-sets where you can purchase the sets which range from $10.99 to $31.99. I love these sets and can’t wait to get one for L so they stop fighting over the Ernie one, she really wants the Abby Cadabby one. If you have little ones that love Sesame Street or just building in general these are really cool and I highly recommend them.

Here are a couple of pics of L putting Ernie together…


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One thought on “K’Nex and Sesame Street Team Up

  1. […] first K’Nex Sesame Street Building Set. I posted about our Ernie set a little over a year ago here and believe me, it was a great gift. My kids (ages 5 and 4) still play with that Ernie. When Team […]

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