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We Have Fat Squirrels

Halloween has come and gone and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Not that there is much preparation for Thanksgiving. You make a grocery list, we keep a few pumpkins out and maybe do a few turkey crafts. No big deal, because we all know the big show is around the corner.

But, with all that – my point… we kept a few pumpkins out. We put the large black inflatable cat away and we put a few in our flower boxes under our windows and we kept our super huge one that we didn’t carve on our front porch all in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I had my Mother’s help in the design and it looks nice and very fall like.

So why is my post called “We Have Fat Squirrels”? Why am I talking about pumpkins instead of squirrels… clearly squirrels are what I want to talk about because here in our town they are huge. They are the size of your pet cat and they are brave. There are hundreds living in just one tree it seems. You feel like you are always being watched when you walk out your door to your car. Think I’m exaggerating. Ask one of my neighbors. They’ll agree. We tried to grown veggies this summer, we didn’t get any off our vines or plants because these little demons would beat us to them. Well now they are destroying my Thanksgiving display.

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. Pretty right? All those colorful and different gourds and pumpkins….

The squirrels take off with either a small pumpkin or a gourd every day. Yesterday JT saw one with a yellow gourd in it’s mouth so he chased it off the porch. It ran into the yard and stood there with it in it’s mouth and stared and JT until JT ran at him, that little sucker didn’t even drop the dang gourd as it ran up the tree in our front yard. At first I was pissed but now it’s becoming humorous. Here’s what they are doing to my extra large pumpkin by our front door.

Each day it grows bigger and bigger. We are basically feeding these little creeps. It’s an open buffet where they can dine 24 hours. Want proof that they are fat?

I’ve never seen squirrels this big or fat. A hazard to suburb living.

We raked leaves yesterday…. 7 tall yard bags for just the front yard. It’s alot of work but boy are those some huge piles for jumping ūüôā


The weekend

This weekend was chock full of fun…. I didn’t have a single session and was able to spend every waking minute with my lovely family. It was really nice.

Friday we had Trunk or Treat which was a lot of fun but we are used to this tiny little event at our old school. The one we attended at our new school was HUGE!!! Crazy out of control fun. I worked the event (have I mentioned my inability to say no) and didn’t see my kids or poor husband until the end. We attempted to decorate our car. Thinking it somewhat cool… NOT AT ALL. We were delusional. People/Families went all out!!! There was a haunted car, where the kids went in one side and slid down a slide at the end… there was a disco inferno with disco music and lights, there was a whole Harry Potter set up… we tried to do Harry Potter I made a really cool drawing of Hogwarts Castle…. It was pathetic. I still like my drawing but it was pathetic. We parked side by side of our good friends and I didn’t see them the whole night. I was pinning numbers on kids, the whole night. Insanity!!!

The best news of the night…. L won best overall costume. She was beside herself excited. When she got back from receiving her gift (a $10 g.c. to AMC theaters and a cool headband with our school logo) she told me “Mommy I’ve never won anything like this before”. I was so happy for her. My moms and my hard work paid off.

Hedwig and Harry Potter

Our Hogwarts attempt

My drawing of the castle

Kids with all their candy, sorting their favorites from the yucky


Saturday we had soccer. Our last fall soccer session. We’re pretty sure we’re going to sign them up for the winter indoor session. We really like the program their in. JT’s brother, sister-in-law and our niece joined us at the soccer field and after practice we headed out for lunch. We ate at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar. SO GOOD!!! Love spending time with them. After lunch we said goodbye and headed to the library where L picked all kinds of books. She is a reading machine.

When we got home JT and I changed our closets over. YUCK!! I hate doing that every year. I definitely have more winter clothes than I do summer. Mom came over after work and she and I drove out to Macy’s to buy her a birthday outfit, L joined us of course. After we were done shopping with my mom we came home for dinner and then headed back out for some more birthday shopping. Once home and kids in bed I watched the Cardinals win game 3. A huge win for us. It was a lot of fun to watch.


Sunday was my mom’s birthday. We met at Vin de Set for some brunch and then came back here to have a nice relaxing day. We watched a few Halloween movies, family friendly of course and JT made a good meal of Salmon, Chicken (for me and the kids), rice, cabbage – YUM!!! We had a great day just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. J got my mom a huge bunch of flowers and L got mom a necklace that means Love Forever.

There’s our weekend. A pretty nice one. Next weekend I’ll be back to working a lot but also trying to fit in some pumpkin carving.

Blogs??? Anyone???

I’m in need of some new blogs to read on this rainy, cold day. What are your favorites? Crafty… Family… Design…


Time… the thing that is seriously lacking from my schedule lately. Since the last time I posted (reviews not counted) we’ve been on vacation, worked a ton, celebrated family birthdays and we’ve been dealing with illnesses.

We had a fantastic vacation and if I ever get caught up with work I’ll post pictures of our trip.

This week is about balancing my time. I need to balance work, life and Halloween preparations. I’m library mom this week plus also room mom for both kids’ parties and there are a ton of things I need to do for those parties. I have 5 sessions due by Saturday, I got one done last night so 4 more to go. Yeah sure I’m busy but I really do love every second of it. The only thing holding me back is this cough I’ve had for 3 weeks. Hopefully my inhalers start to work and that will go away.

The funny thing is the closer we get to Christmas I automatically feel like I have less time. So I might as well make friends with it, that’s a quote from my wise mother. She’s really good at putting a good spin on things and if you can’t make it positive, make friends with it.

Well blogging is eating up the time so I’m off to start my crazy week.

It’s a big deal

Tonight I packed her backpack. I folded her new nightgown and smiled at the thought of how happy she would be to show her friends. I picked out an outfit for the morning and laid it beside her nightgown. Rolled up her sleeping bag and labeled it with her name and placed both the backpack and sleeping bag by the front steps. She was all set. She was excited but I could tell she was also a little nervous. Her first big sleepover. There would be 12 other little girls and for my shy little girl it’s a lot to anticipate. She sat on my lap and we brushed her hair, we talked about all the fun things she would be doing tonight with her friends. There would be cupcakes and presents, games and lots of running around playing. She was happy.

When the time came to put on our coats and gather up her stuff she was running at full speed. She and I talked the whole way there (all of 7 minutes) about her day and the fun things that we had done. We arrived and she JUMPED out of the car and practically ran up to the door. Once inside she handed over the presents, threw off her coat and ran upstairs to join her friends.

I stuck around to talk to the mom and dad and while still there she ran by a couple times, the last time she ran by she stopped, grabbed my leg and started to wipe tears away. It was breaking my heart. Poor thing had been so excited and now at the prospect of me leaving she was about to come apart. Her friends mom took her by the hand and assured her of the upcoming fun and I crept out.

I sat here at home tonight, entertaining friends and thinking of nothing but her. How she was doing, what she was doing… then the phone rang. I was prepared to hear that she was upset and wanted to come home. I was very happy to hear that she is doing good and wanted to stay. Success as of 10:50 pm. How nice that the parents called ME to tell me she was doing okay. Almost like they knew I needed to know.

Her brother, little J really misses her tonight. So much so, he slept in her bed. We’ll see how much I sleep tonight but I am really proud of her. Even if she called at 2:00 am I would rush to get her and still be proud. Cause your first sleepover, it’s a big deal.

Freezing Field Trip Day

Today was L’s first kindergarten field trip. She woke up so excited because today was the day she was going to ride the school bus for the first time. I took her to school and returned in an hour to depart on our adventure. We were going to the Museum of Transportation.

I took my point and shoot so the pictures are… eh. But who cares!!! At least it’s documented for my darling girl.

Here’s L and her friend

DSCN2619 watermark

She was mesmerized the whole time. I think the freedom of no carseat threw her a bit, she was all smiles but quiet. When we arrived at the Museum she did tell me, “Mom I saw a truck and it had a dead deer in the back.” Awesome!!


Listening to a lecture on trains, who knew there were so many interesting things.

DSCN2622 watermark

Putting together the wooden train they each made and got to color

DSCN2626 watermark

We rode a tram down to ride this little train, the kids loved it but it was REALLY cold. We were all freezing. There were about 5 turkeys near the tracks so the kids enjoyed that. I think we were all happy to be done though. Like I said it was cold. I didn’t get any pics of L on the tram or train but I did get a pic of my friend B’s significant other and their son.

DSCN2635 watermark

On our tour we were able to walk in some of the trains linked together.

DSCN2638 watermark

The front of some train… I wasn’t paying attention and got yelled at for talking. Seriously. It happened. Our guide was a little passionate or grouchy. Take your pick.

DSCN2645 watermark

Class pic

DSCN2651 watermark

Obligatory pic of train. There are so many really cool picture opportunities here. I’m thinking a family of boys would be the perfect portrait session here.

DSCN2655 watermark

Finally proof that I was there with my baby girl. We had so much fun together. It’s always nice to walk around and talk with the teachers and parents too.

DSCN2668 watermark

L started to get really tired on the way home and layed on my arm the whole way back. She was worn out. When we got back to the school she went in, hung up her coat and ran to the bathroom. All the kids by this time were coming in and I heard screaming and yelling but didn’t think much of it, all of a sudden people were hurrying toward the girls bathroom. Poor L had gotten her hand stuck in between the stall door and the stall. One of the dad’s came to her rescue as I went running in there and he freed her. Boy was she screaming, broke my heart. She’s okay, just some slight bruising but her teacher told me it was okay to take her home. Poor thing. She was more scared than hurt but my thanks goes out to that dad for getting her loose. I was pretty scared myself running in there and even pushed some parents aside so my apologies to them, I was just trying to get to my baby girl.

Anyway if you live in STL and haven’t been to the Museum of Transportation you should. It’s awesome. We always have fun whenever we get a chance to head out there.

Camera Fun

I realized today that I hadn’t pulled my camera out since JT’s birthday. WTH?!?! So I decided to take it with me everywhere I went today. Just taking random pictures. It was fun and J was my subject for most of the pics. Poor guy cause then we had family pictures tonight with Holly so he fell asleep pretty pictured out.

Here he is in his carseat waiting for L to get out of school.


Playing with close-ups and black & white.


Check out this look… it’s like he’s saying “Mom. Cool it!!” Love it!!


This is a rare sighting, it’s a self portrait. The clone stamp is my best friend in Photoshop.


My friend B would kill me if she knew I was posting this pic. But I love how I caught her in the side mirror.


Okay so those were the best ones from fooling around today. Tomorrow we have dance class, camera will be in tow for that and then we are meeting my brother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece. We are going to watch my niece play soccer and then have some early dinner. I think I might take my camera tomorrow and try to capture some cool sports shots. Work on freezing the players in action.

Someone’s Learning to Rollerskate

L received a pair of roller skates for J’s birthday. She is so excited to try them out so last night we took her outside to practice. She’s been practicing a little bit in her room but we all know it’s a lot different on concrete than on carpeting. She did well but I can tell it’s going to take a little more practice. Here’s some pics… (wait did I mention first of all these aren’t edited because that just takes forever and I have to pick L up from school soon and I got my hair all chopped off)





Do you have a minute?

I would love to tell you about my weekend and my day today.

Saturday our good friends from Kansas City came to the Lou for a visit. They have two girls, one is 8 and one is 3. We met them at their hotel in Westport and had dinner at Ozzie’s. The food was awful and the service was terrible and they charged us gratuity for a party of 8 even though only 7 of us ate. But the conversation and company more than made up for the meal. We didn’t get home that night till 11:00 pm. The kids had so much fun playing with their girls we had a hard time pulling them home.

Sunday we woke up and met them at the zoo, we had beautiful weather and the crowds held off. The zoo was great we actually got to see the Sea Lion show and saw what we wanted to see in an hour and a half. As we were leaving the sun came out, it grew warmer and the zoo became awkwardly crowded. Meaning… too… many… people. Wanna see me run and scream from an establishment? Invite 500 of your closest friends into one small area, then wait… it won’t take long.

Our friends from K.C.

Our friends from K.C.

Last night we dropped our kiddos off with my lovely mother. JT and I have a tradition. We attend a Harry Potter movie as soon as it comes out, just him and I. We always see the movies in the same place, we love seeing them at the Moolah Shrine Theater. They have couches and alcohol. Who could ask for anything more?! Last night the movie was so crowded that we had to sit in the balcony but it didn’t matter we still enjoyed ourselves. I liked the movie but it wasn’t very true to the book, which was a little disappointing. I was supposed to go tonight again with my mom but she wasn’t up for it. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

Today we had to wake up pretty early, I got JT to the metrolink station and then quickly went to get L from my mom’s, gave J a kiss (he stayed with my mom today) and headed out. I then drove L to meet my dad’s wife so L could go horse back riding and swimming. After I dropped her off with Nana I headed to meet my new boss. She is AWESOME and I loved talking/chatting with her. We talked about everything and I loved learning all about her and her business. Around 12:30 I left Holly and called Nana, she said that she wanted to keep L for a couple more hours so I went and picked up J and spent some time with my mom and had a nice lunch. We came home for exactly 45 minutes, which in that time I fixed L’s carseat and checked my e-mail. I then went to Sunset Hills to meet my dad and pick up L, when I picked up L she was pissed off. She did not want to come home with me, she had that much fun.¬†We were off again, I dropped the kids off at my mom’s because she wanted to hear all about L’s day and I ran to pick up¬†JT, we headed back to my mom’s picked the kids up and came home to have dinner.

I’m exhausted. Really. But I wouldn’t change anything that happened today. I had a fantastic meeting, L had a super busy, fun day and J got to spend some quality time with his GeGe. It was the perfect weekend with a perfect Monday. Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy and who knows what the day will bring. Sorry if I blabbered on and on, it’s all for posterity sake.

Today was supposed to be better (UPDATE)

Our first day of summer vacation, poop is all cleaned up and I was going to start reorganizing the basement. I had an appointment today with the gas man to come and replace our meter downstairs, you know I completely forgot. Of course I did what with all the chaos yesterday so I was laying on the couch this morning (JT took the car) in my jammies, no shower and L was still sleeping, I hear a big car pull up outside. Oh shit! Oh shit! The gas man was here. Lovely, I was running around getting my robe and the dogs all put away and I twisted my knee something awful (it’s been bugging me since I started my workout). So I let the gas man in downstairs and he starts working away, I hear a knock at my back door and he tells me we have a gas leak, several little ones actually. He needs to check behind my stove, so he comes in shuts down my stove and heads back downstairs to see if the pipes are now holding pressure, um no they aren’t. So he turns off my gas and locks it with pipes not attached downstairs and tells me to call a contractor to come and fix it, um aren’t you the gas company? Shouldn’t you be fixing the problem? He leaves and that’s that.

I have called my mom who is handling the situation with the gas company over the phone (it’s her building) and JT is on his way home to help me move some things in my basement so either a contractor or someone can come and fix everything. It’s gonna be one of those weeks. Seriously!!!

I told the kids what was going on and L says, “What does that mean?” I calmly say “well we don’t have any hot water and I can’t cook on the stove”. L being the cute little girl she is says, “That means no mac & cheese, no noodles, no soup, no cookin nasun” Yep, that’s right baby… Nasun (nothing)!!!

*UPDATE: No one was available to come out and fix the leak today so we are still without gas and we aren’t positive if someone will be able to come out tomorrow. It’s extremely frustrating and we are extremely pissed off at the gas company. They told us that they can’t fix it because they didn’t break it, also the guy that was here told me that they don’t want him spending too much time here, so looking into the leak isn’t possible. So what are they good for? What do they do? They sure are quick to collect your money or shut your gas off if you can’t pay them. Nothing like¬†having a¬†monopoly control your gas.