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Cringing as we speak

I don’t like Dr. Oz. I feel like his shows are always about something we are going to die from. Food, drinks, diseases… it’s a train wreck. No wonder I’m a big old hypochondriac and he can be my enabler.

The reason it’s always on in our house, it comes on after Days of Our Lives (that’s a whole other post). Today’s show is all about S3x – no I won’t use the correct word because I don’t want my blog visited by a whole lot of weirdos.

I’m not a prude by any means. I’m an open book you wanna know about my s3x life I’ll tell you. My husband just loves that, especially when I talk about him. Sorry honey. BUT, the correct anatomy words make me CRINGE!!! The V word was said so many times today on the Dr. Oz show that if I were playing a drinking game I’d be wasted. The P word is just as bad. Who is responsible for these words… good lord. I know I am not alone in thinking this way because these poor people on the show are giggling the whole time. Like it’s a dirty secret. I guess if we all used them more in daily dialogue would be better off but then we would all be cringing.

Are there words that make you cringe? I’m sure if I thought about it there are many more words that bug me.


Today I’m Loving

Nothing on my calendar

The fall like weather

Halloween decorations

The thought of switching over our closets

Editing a session from last Friday

Polyvore Style pictures on Pinterest

Finding crafts on Pinterest

Pinterest… 🙂

Boots. I cannot wait to start wearing some boots but first I need to invest in some leggings or skinny jeans

Apple pie


There’s not much else going on, just really busy and we’ve just started.

Blogs??? Anyone???

I’m in need of some new blogs to read on this rainy, cold day. What are your favorites? Crafty… Family… Design…

What Happened This Week

Not so exciting things that happened this week, but yet important enough to talk about:

Outside Halloween decorations have been purchased (yeah)!!! How soon can I put these out? Is it like Christmas… you know 30 days is acceptable? Just wondering. Of course if JT allows there will be more (insert evil laugh here).

L came home on Tuesday and said that she was having a test on Friday. A test… I immediately flinched, my throat started to close up and my heart started racing, then I remembered she said SHE had a test, not me. Whew!!! She had to learn all 7 continents and the oceans. She mentioned that spelling was important but no matter how hard we tried she struggled with spelling the continents and oceans. I asked again, was spelling really a part of this test or was it just the names needed to be remembered. She told me that the spelling probably wasn’t important and I wanted to believe her because it really seemed hard for her. So we’ll see. Probably a note would have been nice… but it’s second grade. It’s kind of a big deal to a big, independent girl this year. Those dang teachers, the nerve of them trying to make my baby grow up.

J had a play date on their day off this week. It was with a bunch of 5/6 year old boys so L wasn’t really game. Instead I dropped J off with a very nice mommy and let him play while L and I visited Yucandu. We did some decoupaging and painting. We had a lot of fun. We need more time together to do stuff like that. Some one on one time. Here’s what we made:


J had a blast at his play date and didn’t even care that I didn’t stick around. I’m losing him too to that pesky independence thing.

Things are much better on the boundaries front so that proves that I just needed to relax. I will probably be deleting that post because she has requested me as a friend on FB. We don’t need any more issues in our lives so the post will go. Thanks to all for your advice. You are all awesome.

Last night we had a date night. It was really great to get away and enjoy dinner, drinks and friends. Our babysitter is AWESOME so no I won’t be sharing her name 😉 she is so good that someone would steal her away from us. Anyway we ate at Home Wine Kitchen and the food was out of this world. So yummy and So expensive but worth it.

and finally I know many of you have seen this but it’s too funny, he is the most delightful man and so sweet to his wife.

Poetic Words and Advice on… Santa

I was browsing Pinterest this morning, yes I do have better things to do and no I don’t feel like doing them. I always check out my friends (by friends I mean the ones I follow) pins first and then will move onto “everything”. Most days my friends have pinned such brilliant things I never make it to “everything” because I get lost in their finds. Today I clicked on a pin and was immediately in tears. So I thought I’d share the wealth of tears… you’re welcome.

The author is Martha Brockenbrough and I praise her for her response to her daughter’s question “Are You Santa?” Her explanation will stay with me forever and like I mentioned made me cry. Because eventually we are all “busted” and the magic can creep away. She has found a way to keep it alive. Read her beautiful article here: The Truth About Santa.

Oh did you know that there are only 100 days till Christmas? Now I know that makes me cry!! Sigh.

Things I’ve Discovered

… that I tend to wear hats on bad days. Days I feel sick, bad hair days, etc.

… I hate answering the phone, when the phone rings I have so much anxiety email me or text me and I have no anxiety

… I’m actually shy, I have a hard time meeting new people and this new school is testing me at all turns. I’m surrounded by nothing but new people. I’m trying though. I’m putting myself out there.

… I LOVE using ellipses (can you tell), I’m an over-user, I need help, like an ellipses help group

… I’m addicted to Pinterest

… I’m really ready to start decorating for Fall and Halloween, I could almost get whiney about it. I won’t because then you might not come back. But I’m over the 90 degree weather, I’m over the air conditioner, I’m ready to wear my new Frye boots… you get it (another ellipses)

… I over react. I think that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions when you aren’t used to a situation… like yesterday’s post. I’m used to my time with my kids and my family but here’s the thing… didn’t we move here so the kids would have more friends. YES. So, I’m just going to calm down now and breathe through all of this. It’s a little overwhelming.

… I love Parenthood!! I missed all these neurotic family members.

… I’m insane. Apparently I will do anything to fit in. I am the chairperson for our school’s Scholastic book fair, I volunteered to help at a school event, I’m coming into my busy season and I’m a co-leader for L’s brownie troop. Don’t get me wrong I love that I volunteered for all of it, it’s just a bit much and I hope I can do it. Oh, plus I just decided to maybe add a part-time job. We’ll see how that pans out.

… I really enjoy our new dinner/drinking events on our neighbors driveway on the weekends. I’m beginning to like beer and gossip. Hee hee.

… Lastly it feels really good to be back blogging.

Where I’d Like to Be

I’ve been looking into some things today and this is definitely where I’d like to be…

Getting Caught Up

How about some pictures as a way of catching up… Sounds good to me 🙂


L turned 7

I turned 35

School ended and we said goodbye to the kids beloved teachers and school (and uniforms)


L got a haircut. 8 inches cut off.



We went on vacation to the Gulf. It was the first time the kids had been to the beach. We had a fantastic time.

We attended the Webster Groves 4th celebration/fair

The kids did really well at swim lessons, we now have two swimmers

We visited the Magic House, which I loathe by the way but we went with a good friend and her two girls so it was SO much more tolerable

We visited Springfield, IL because L loves history and wanted to learn about Lincoln

We hiked and swam at Johnson’s Shut-Ins

The kids started school at their new school

We bought some new furniture

My baby boy (J) turned 6

Jackson and I have a new love for legos, something we can do together

Lillie has lost some teeth (FINALLY)

and yesterday was JT’s birthday – I got this idea off of Pinterest. LOVE PINTEREST!!!

SO those were the key points that got us to now. We had a fantastic summer. It seemed to fly by which is terrible, we would’ve all loved more time together. After a couple of rough weeks starting school now everyone is adjusted and doing well.

I’m Taking It Back…

My blog that is… no more reviews. I’m not interested in selling anything. I just want to talk about stuff on my mind and show pictures of my kids. I’m busy so I can’t guarantee that I’ll post ALL the time but I’m gonna try.

I was going to forget this blog and start a new one at blogger but holy cow is blogger much different than wordpress. I’m used to this so I just changed a few things. I got rid of some of the pages, changed the theme to something cheerful, oh and I changed the NAME. Something more appropriate. My blog used to be called Why Are They Calling Me Mom?! and by now I know why they are calling me mom because I do have some skills or else my children would be in DFS’ custody 🙂

So welcome back if you haven’t been here in a while.