I just have to post again tonight, sorry

I had to post again tonight, sorry. I have a stupid dilemma and needed to voice it right away. L came home from school today with a little note that I almost did not see, it was pretty small and fell on the floor, anyway, I drifted off subject. The note says “Just A Reminder! Pet Day is Tuesday 4/29. You may bring your pets in for the first half hour of the day. Parents will need to stay during that time. Once we have seen your pet parents may take them home. Thank you and we look forward to Tuesday.” This note really cracks me up for several reasons. Do you really think the teachers are “looking forward to Tuesday”? I know that if I were the teacher I would so NOT be looking forward to Tuesday. They are probably going to get a ton of big dogs that show up. With that said L has practically begged me to let her take our dear sweet dog, we’ll call him… Boo (those who know us will know which one I am referring too) to school on Tuesday. Now this is not a problem he is a very tame and friendly dog, he lets our children crawl on him and will cuddle in L’s lap, the problem (when I tell you don’t laugh too hard) is that he hasn’t been groomed this century (really just this year but it seems longer). So do I run my D-O-G to the groomer before school on Tuesday? Do I leave him at home and listen to L whine because she doesn’t get to show off her pet? Or do I let it go and just take the poor matted, disgusting animal? What would you do? JT looked at me like I had 3 eyes when I told him I might want to get him groomed. Am I really being insane?

Here’s a picture of our beloved Boo with L who is showing off her weird eye trick that’s for another blog another day.

And for those of you out there saying, “Why doesn’t she take the other dog?” We’ll call him Dumbass (sorry I don’t usually cuss on my blog, but if you knew him you would excuse it), all I have to say is ARE YOU INSANE? NO WAY!! He’s like an out of control horse with no morals. Trust me we will stick with the sweet one. Here’s a picture of Dumbass, don’t let the picture fool you, he’s a real pain, just pretty good with the kids.


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