Is it just my husband?

Here are some things about my husband that make me scratch my head every single time.

  1. My husband will find and watch the craziest, weirdest, wackiest movies ever made. I will ask him nightly what he is watching and he will give some movie name I have never heard of. The only exception to this is of course The Godfather. He will sit and watch this movie and all it’s other parts every weekend, it’s always on TV have you ever noticed that? Remember that scene in You’ve Got Mail where Tom Hanks is telling Meg Ryan about going to the mattresses? That’s the best scene but yet so true. Every man I know can quote the movie and will watch the movie(s) at a drop of the hat. I watch the movie with him sometimes but I know I bug him, I am always asking questions like, “Who’s that?”, “Why did they kill him/her?” and “What are they talking about?”. I just don’t get it. They are good movies but I just don’t get it. Oh yeah I almost forgot about The Deer Hunter, this is another movie he has to watch every time it’s on. I have seen this movie, granted it’s pretty good but it’s so darn depressing, why would you want to watch it over and over and over.  Right now as a matter of fact he is watching a movie called The Border. How many people do you think actually went to the show to see this flick? Probably not that many. How many of you have even heard of this movie? Probably not that many either. We never ever rent and watch the same movies. I am a total chick flick kind of girl.
  2. How come he can remember stats from a baseball player several years ago and what position they played or what actor played what and in the movie he acted in, but he cannot remember that we have plans this weekend, or that I need to take L to the doctor, his mothers birthday, or to make a simple phone call for me or better yet remember what I said just two minutes earlier? I know that my husband isn’t the only one that does this. His head is like a sponge, it just soaks up information and stores it there until my mom calls with a trivia question or a much needed solution to a crossword puzzle. It always ceases to amaze me when he does this little trick. He’s like a walking encyclopedia.
  3. How he puts up with me! Seriously, I am not the easiest person in the world to get along with. I am quite a B-I-T-C-H actually. I get mad when I drive and scream at everyone. When I am tired it’s like I have PMS. I want him to always say the right thing and I wish he could read my mind while we’re at it. He always lets me talk him into things ie: stopping in Chattanooga to see Rock City or attending a Wiggles concert with the family. He always has patience with me and rarely do we fight plus he’s the best daddy. Did you know that he does the dishes and the laundry and 1/2 the cooking. Plus he takes out the garbage and deals with our dogs. What do I do you ask? There’s lots that I do, don’t think I slack around here doing nothing but yet it never seems to compare to the things he does for me.

 (JT with the kids while at Rock City. No J isn’t catching flies, that’s his new smile.)

I am always in awe of JT, bizarre movie watching aside. Love you JT!!


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