Mother’s Day Wishlist

If you could wish for anything this Mother’s Day what would it be? Here are a few of mine.

1. A massage/facial day at the spa

2. Enrollment in a photography class, he would pick a class for me, enroll me and just tell me where to go.

3. A movie date with my husband. We never go anywhere together anymore.

4. A gift card to Quiktrip (I am so easy to please) so that I could just stop in the morning, get my coffee and run right back out the door.

5. A class at my local scrapbook store, with a $200 credit for spending while I crop.

6. While we are dreaming, A crab free day where the children would get along, not be too loud and would just be darling little angels. Better yet, JT take them away from a whole day. WOW!!! What would that be like.

7. Maid service. OMG that would totally rock!

8. My children taught to be tech savvy and be able to turn on their own movies, especially when J requests a different Wiggles DVD every 10 minutes.

9. A trip to a beach somewhere just the 4 of us and all we would do is lay there on the beach and have drinks served to us and the babysitter would come get the kids and put them down for naps while we stayed right where we were.

10. Something brilliant from my loving husband that he came up with all on his own because he listens to me and would know exactly what would make me smile, ie: capris or something dull like that, but it would be the thought that counts and he would have listened.

Just dreaming today. I am a little tired J’s been up since 5:30 and wouldn’t go back to bed (UGGHHH!!) and I didn’t know what else to post about today.

What would you dream for?


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