What Happened This Week

Not so exciting things that happened this week, but yet important enough to talk about:

Outside Halloween decorations have been purchased (yeah)!!! How soon can I put these out? Is it like Christmas… you know 30 days is acceptable? Just wondering. Of course if JT allows there will be more (insert evil laugh here).

L came home on Tuesday and said that she was having a test on Friday. A test… I immediately flinched, my throat started to close up and my heart started racing, then I remembered she said SHE had a test, not me. Whew!!! She had to learn all 7 continents and the oceans. She mentioned that spelling was important but no matter how hard we tried she struggled with spelling the continents and oceans. I asked again, was spelling really a part of this test or was it just the names needed to be remembered. She told me that the spelling probably wasn’t important and I wanted to believe her because it really seemed hard for her. So we’ll see. Probably a note would have been nice… but it’s second grade. It’s kind of a big deal to a big, independent girl this year. Those dang teachers, the nerve of them trying to make my baby grow up.

J had a play date on their day off this week. It was with a bunch of 5/6 year old boys so L wasn’t really game. Instead I dropped J off with a very nice mommy and let him play while L and I visited Yucandu. We did some decoupaging and painting. We had a lot of fun. We need more time together to do stuff like that. Some one on one time. Here’s what we made:


J had a blast at his play date and didn’t even care that I didn’t stick around. I’m losing him too to that pesky independence thing.

Things are much better on the boundaries front so that proves that I just needed to relax. I will probably be deleting that post because she has requested me as a friend on FB. We don’t need any more issues in our lives so the post will go. Thanks to all for your advice. You are all awesome.

Last night we had a date night. It was really great to get away and enjoy dinner, drinks and friends. Our babysitter is AWESOME so no I won’t be sharing her name 😉 she is so good that someone would steal her away from us. Anyway we ate at Home Wine Kitchen and the food was out of this world. So yummy and So expensive but worth it.

and finally I know many of you have seen this but it’s too funny, he is the most delightful man and so sweet to his wife.


2 thoughts on “What Happened This Week

  1. Shelley says:

    Was that L’s 1st test? I am sure she did awesome! Clayton has a test practically everyday and on Fridays 3 or 4!!!! So I feel your pain/anxiety. 🙂

  2. Rebecca Bunt says:

    Home Wine Kitchen = yummmy! 🙂

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