Cringing as we speak

I don’t like Dr. Oz. I feel like his shows are always about something we are going to die from. Food, drinks, diseases… it’s a train wreck. No wonder I’m a big old hypochondriac and he can be my enabler.

The reason it’s always on in our house, it comes on after Days of Our Lives (that’s a whole other post). Today’s show is all about S3x – no I won’t use the correct word because I don’t want my blog visited by a whole lot of weirdos.

I’m not a prude by any means. I’m an open book you wanna know about my s3x life I’ll tell you. My husband just loves that, especially when I talk about him. Sorry honey. BUT, the correct anatomy words make me CRINGE!!! The V word was said so many times today on the Dr. Oz show that if I were playing a drinking game I’d be wasted. The P word is just as bad. Who is responsible for these words… good lord. I know I am not alone in thinking this way because these poor people on the show are giggling the whole time. Like it’s a dirty secret. I guess if we all used them more in daily dialogue would be better off but then we would all be cringing.

Are there words that make you cringe? I’m sure if I thought about it there are many more words that bug me.


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