Things I’ve Discovered

… that I tend to wear hats on bad days. Days I feel sick, bad hair days, etc.

… I hate answering the phone, when the phone rings I have so much anxiety email me or text me and I have no anxiety

… I’m actually shy, I have a hard time meeting new people and this new school is testing me at all turns. I’m surrounded by nothing but new people. I’m trying though. I’m putting myself out there.

… I LOVE using ellipses (can you tell), I’m an over-user, I need help, like an ellipses help group

… I’m addicted to Pinterest

… I’m really ready to start decorating for Fall and Halloween, I could almost get whiney about it. I won’t because then you might not come back. But I’m over the 90 degree weather, I’m over the air conditioner, I’m ready to wear my new Frye boots… you get it (another ellipses)

… I over react. I think that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions when you aren’t used to a situation… like yesterday’s post. I’m used to my time with my kids and my family but here’s the thing… didn’t we move here so the kids would have more friends. YES. So, I’m just going to calm down now and breathe through all of this. It’s a little overwhelming.

… I love Parenthood!! I missed all these neurotic family members.

… I’m insane. Apparently I will do anything to fit in. I am the chairperson for our school’s Scholastic book fair, I volunteered to help at a school event, I’m coming into my busy season and I’m a co-leader for L’s brownie troop. Don’t get me wrong I love that I volunteered for all of it, it’s just a bit much and I hope I can do it. Oh, plus I just decided to maybe add a part-time job. We’ll see how that pans out.

… I really enjoy our new dinner/drinking events on our neighbors driveway on the weekends. I’m beginning to like beer and gossip. Hee hee.

… Lastly it feels really good to be back blogging.


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Discovered

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Welcome back! 🙂
    I tend to wear hats on bad days, too 😉
    And if you can get to that memorial it is really awe-inspiring.

  2. Pinterest is highly addictive! You can follow me, my button is my blog 🙂
    Welcome back 🙂

  3. angie says:

    lol you’re insane. i love you insane or not!

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