Getting Caught Up

How about some pictures as a way of catching up… Sounds good to me 🙂


L turned 7

I turned 35

School ended and we said goodbye to the kids beloved teachers and school (and uniforms)


L got a haircut. 8 inches cut off.



We went on vacation to the Gulf. It was the first time the kids had been to the beach. We had a fantastic time.

We attended the Webster Groves 4th celebration/fair

The kids did really well at swim lessons, we now have two swimmers

We visited the Magic House, which I loathe by the way but we went with a good friend and her two girls so it was SO much more tolerable

We visited Springfield, IL because L loves history and wanted to learn about Lincoln

We hiked and swam at Johnson’s Shut-Ins

The kids started school at their new school

We bought some new furniture

My baby boy (J) turned 6

Jackson and I have a new love for legos, something we can do together

Lillie has lost some teeth (FINALLY)

and yesterday was JT’s birthday – I got this idea off of Pinterest. LOVE PINTEREST!!!

SO those were the key points that got us to now. We had a fantastic summer. It seemed to fly by which is terrible, we would’ve all loved more time together. After a couple of rough weeks starting school now everyone is adjusted and doing well.


2 thoughts on “Getting Caught Up

  1. This is wonderful! Love the pictures looks like a wonderful time. I am addicted to Pinterest too 🙂 Such a cite picture!

  2. Becca says:

    Love that thing you did for JT’s birthday! How cute!

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