I’m Taking It Back…

My blog that is… no more reviews. I’m not interested in selling anything. I just want to talk about stuff on my mind and show pictures of my kids. I’m busy so I can’t guarantee that I’ll post ALL the time but I’m gonna try.

I was going to forget this blog and start a new one at blogger but holy cow is blogger much different than wordpress. I’m used to this so I just changed a few things. I got rid of some of the pages, changed the theme to something cheerful, oh and I changed the NAME. Something more appropriate. My blog used to be called Why Are They Calling Me Mom?! and by now I know why they are calling me mom because I do have some skills or else my children would be in DFS’ custody 🙂

So welcome back if you haven’t been here in a while.


One thought on “I’m Taking It Back…

  1. Erin says:

    Welcome back. 🙂

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