Never happened to me before

Today we dropped L off at school and headed to the post office to mail my very last ebay sale. J was with me of course and he was jumping up and down and acting like a kangaroo. Here was our discussion:

J: Me a kangaroo mommy.

Me: Oh yeah

J: Yeah me love kangaroos

Me: Uh huh

J: They jump up in the sky

Me: Uh huh

J: Kangaroos in the clouds

Me: Uh huh

So we go into the post office and come back out and the jumping starts all over again.

J: Boing Boing Boing, Kangaroo again mommy

Me: Uh huh (I say this alot during my day)

I notice an older lady (possible late 80s) staring at us with this huge smile and her husband is smiling at us too. I politely smile back. She darts out of her car as fast as she can to come see us. J and I are standing at our car when she approaches so I make J say hi and she leans down to his level and says, “you’re so precious” and kiss him and hugs him. Um okay. Then she turns to me and says “he is such a handsome boy, you’re so lucky” she hugs me and kisses me on the cheek. Seriously!

It was extremely sweet and definitely weird all at the same time. I got in the car and went to call my husband or my mom to tell them what had just happened and no one answered. I couldn’t believe that something so “different” happened and I had no on to tell. Oh well that’s why I have all of you.


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