My scrapbook desk is a work in progress

I am always looking for way to make my scrapbook desk more organized. I recently added a cork board some new pictures above my desk, a square supply caddy, two magazine holders, 3 small tin buckets for random supplies and a bathroom caddy (there’s some other stuff too). Here are some pictures:

This is my little space of heaven. You can see what blog I was reading, too funny. A little shout out to Everyday Life.

The wall above my space. I love putting my favorite pictures up there for inspiration. I need to find one more frame and a picture to fill the wall. Plus I was thinking of a long picture frame up the one of the 4 of us too. I love my new no whining sign I got in Target’s $1 section. The blank piece of paper isn’t really blank, it’s my christmas list and a lot of family read my blog so it’s a secret what’s on that paper.

My magazine holders, and the cute buckets I got in the Target $1 section. Plus that black metal 3 cup swingy thing (??) I bought at Office Max.

The other side of my desk is the bathroom caddy. I store all of my new items that I don’t want to forget about in there. That way I can see them. Plus you get a glimpse of my supply cube that spins around. It’s already an organized mess. (oh and my new water bottle, I don’t buy plastic water bottles anymore, I use two of these instead).

Then I added 3 inboxes, one for L, one for J and one for me. Makes it possible to keep track of art projects coming home and then when they fill up I place them in their files until the end of the year when I put them in binders.

All of this scrapbooking organization has inspired me to create layouts. Here’s my most recent one.

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3 thoughts on “My scrapbook desk is a work in progress

  1. Pamela says:

    Nice job! It must be so much fun to sit down to work on something there!

  2. avlor says:

    “bathroom caddy” – that’s an idea I may just snitch for my craft area organizing this month.

  3. redoaklines says:

    looks pretty good to me! it’s better than me, who works on the floor still.. hehhe. anyway, great corkboard!

    i gotta get working on my room! 🙂


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