J’s Pain

I finally figured out what has been hurting my baby boy. Thanks to my mom…. we figured it out!!!!

Every once in a while J’s tummy would hurt really bad right above his belly button. He would scream and cry and feel gross. I would try to help him manage the pain and just as I was about to take him to the ped it would stop and he’d be fine, up and running around. On Sunday his stomach was distended and he was lethargic, crying… I was freaking out. Mom said it was just like my brother when he was young. Basically my brother cannot eat hard candy of any kind his reaction was the same as J’s, except he ended up in the ER. J had had two dum dum suckers that afternoon and it makes total sense because looking back, the pain would happen after he ate some sort of hard candy. I cannot find anything online about this happening to anyone else but we have to start somewhere I guess.

So we are going around the house and getting rid of suckers, life savers and any other hard candy we can find. Poor guy he loves suckers and life savers too. Luckily none of the other candies are triggers, chocolate is fine. We’ll just bundle it up with the other candy we’re taking to the dentist, my new favorite thing for getting rid of candy. We always have so much left over, not even my sweet tooth can keep up.

This of course is not doctor diagnosed but it’s all fitting into place.


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