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FLU sucks!!!

This post is for posterity sake… my little guy was super brave when he went to the ER for the first time and I want to make sure I always remember.

On Sunday I had a session with some lovely friends. While there I received a text from JT that I didn’t check until I was leaving. It said “FYI J puked all over the loveseat and rug. Not sure if I should wash the loveseat cover”. YIKES and YUCK!!! I was secretly glad I wasn’t home. I don’t handle puke very well. So I called JT on the way home and talked to him about J, he said that he was still puking and that he was in a ton of pain. Stomach pain. Oh man. He had eaten a sucker at his haircut appointment on Friday so I figured it was that stuck in his stomach. I asked JT if his tummy was distended again, nope…. okay well I told him I’d be home soon and to hang in there. When I arrived home J was pale, lethargic, puking and crying in pain. I called the exchange and waited for an hour for them to call me back. Worst hour of my life so far as a mom, or at least that I can remember.

Finally the nurse called us back and she told us look don’t break any laws but let’s get him to an ER right away, which one do you want… that’s a tough question. I picked MoBap because I knew that the Children’s there wouldn’t be as packed as Children’s downtown. After I hung up with the nurse I actually had to excuse myself and cry in the other room before we headed out. I called my mom and dropped L off at her work. Poor guy was still in such bad shape, we made it to the ER and had to stop right away because little guy had to puke in the parking lot. My friend called while we were comforting him and I answered, i was definitely not in my right mind… I told her I can’t talk at ER with J, she said, HANG UP GO!!! It’s kind of funny now to look back.

We made it inside and the poor little guy was just miserable. They hooked him up to an IV pretty fast, drew some blood and started to hydrate my baby. To know J is to know that the child FREAKS out when he is around needles and/or blood. JT and I knew this wasn’t going to be good. He did a lot better than we expected but once he saw the blood he screamed. All was cleaned up and they strapped his tiny little arm to a board and we waited for x-rays.

He fell asleep and was able to rest since he was receiving fluids for his dehydration plus some Zofran for the queasiness. When he was awake we talked about how mommy had to take Zofran when I was pregnant with him and L, it made him smile. We woke him up when the wheelchair arrived. The nurse pushed his chair, I held all the stuff we had and JT had to pull his IV pole along. 😦 It was just pitiful. He did say something kind of cute before his x-ray he looked at us and said I’m gonna get to look like a skeleton. His little weak voice sounded happy about that… ahhhh always a boy.

The x-ray came back clear and there was no obstruction. Thank god. His blood work came back and all of his blood counts were fine and his organs were in good shape. Thank god again. So basically he had a funky virus that has been going around. THANK GOD!!! I mean really… you feel slightly foolish for taking a child to the ER with just a virus/flu like thing… but the crying in pain was what put me and I think the nurse on the phone into enough of a panic to send him to the ER. When you are there you just want to leave with a healthy child. You don’t want to be told something is wrong. So I am extremely grateful!!!

Pictures of J at the ER

So we got home about 2 1/2 hours after we began the ordeal, not bad. JT went out to buy some powerade for J (supposedly the best for a dehydrated flu victim) and while he was gone… I lost it. I was so sick. I’ll spare you but good god. It’s been ages since I’ve been that sick. JT returned to find two of his dear family members knocked out on the couch.

Here’s his picture because he’s my hero. Thanks honey for taking such good care of us this week and for checking online to make sure I didn’t have E Coli :).

One other funny thing J said when we got home… I don’t ever want to go back and get an IV but my favorite part was the warm blankets. πŸ™‚


J’s Pain

I finally figured out what has been hurting my baby boy. Thanks to my mom…. we figured it out!!!!

Every once in a while J’s tummy would hurt really bad right above his belly button. He would scream and cry and feel gross. I would try to help him manage the pain and just as I was about to take him to the ped it would stop and he’d be fine, up and running around. On Sunday his stomach was distended and he was lethargic, crying… I was freaking out. Mom said it was just like my brother when he was young. Basically my brother cannot eat hard candy of any kind his reaction was the same as J’s, except he ended up in the ER. J had had two dum dum suckers that afternoon and it makes total sense because looking back, the pain would happen after he ate some sort of hard candy. I cannot find anything online about this happening to anyone else but we have to start somewhere I guess.

So we are going around the house and getting rid of suckers, life savers and any other hard candy we can find. Poor guy he loves suckers and life savers too. Luckily none of the other candies are triggers, chocolate is fine. We’ll just bundle it up with the other candy we’re taking to the dentist, my new favorite thing for getting rid of candy. We always have so much left over, not even my sweet tooth can keep up.

This of course is not doctor diagnosed but it’s all fitting into place.

Watching baseball with J

J is hilarious. He says the funniest stuff sometimes, not just about baseball – he pretty much has an opinion on everything but this week we’ll address his comments on baseball in honor of the Cardinals playing in the World Series.

1. He laid on my lap tonight and told me he needed to pay attention and watch the Cardinals win the World Serious

2. He wanted to know why the guy behind the catcher has on a gentleman’s suit and are there medals on his shirt

3. JT entered a contest today to win some tickets to Game 1… my mom asked me if he would take me… I said well sure who else would he take – J yells “ME he has me!!!”

4. Is a fall just like a home run? (fall = foul)

5. Daddy how do you get a point by throwing the ball?? (hmm neither of us knew what he was talking about with this one)

6. Pitcher is throwing balls on purpose to walk Pujols, J says “that’s cheating”

7. Oooh Mr. Freeze plays for the Cardinals. David Freese must be his real name

8. J was taking off his socks… Daddy what if the Red Socks (I know it’s Sox) were called the White Socks… Daddy says “there is a White Socks team” J exclaims “WHAT!!!”

9. If we go to the game I’m going to get Nachos, Pizza, Ice Cream…. so not interested in the game just the snacks. He says that’s the best part.

10. I hope they don’t lose!!! Amen buddy!!!

He apparently needs to watch more baseball with Daddy or just let Daddy watch the game. Go Cards!!!

Being Three/Being Six

I found this post today while looking through my drafts. It’s all about J and it was set to be published in July of 2009. I guess I never got around to it… It was titled “Being Three” and now he is 6!!! Geez. That breaks my heart.



Pretty soon my little guy is going to be 4. It’s not a monumental birthday by any means but it feels like we are completely leaving the baby behind and the big boy is entering the picture.

He is all boy, he’s my early riser, he goes to bed with no problems, he’s my messy eater, he breaks my heart with his cuteness at least once a day, he likes to say pee pee and poo poo, he says the cutest things (for instance instead of saying something tastes like strawberries he calls them rose berries), he plays rough, poor guy suffers from night terrors when he’s over tired, he likes it when we style his hair like his Daddy, he tells the hairdresser 50 times while he’s getting his hair cut that he hates the hair dryer, he wants to be a superhero so he can fly, he can be very shy, he adores his Unca Na, he tends to not do things for himself, he just learned that he can pee outside in the grass, he gets his feelings hurt easily, he can be very clumsy, he doesn’t listen to me when I say no, he’s starting to realize that he’s tougher than L, he has a short attention span, he suffers constantly with nurse maid’s elbow, he’s content to play by himself but mainly plays with L, his speech is improvingΒ  and boy do I love him.

The other morning I woke up as JT was leaving for work, J was already up. He was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, watching Dora, eating Cheerios and he was surrounded by our dogs. He looked so lonely, I couldn’t wait to go in and see him and hear his sweet voice. It’s a little sad, he will never be 3 again.


There are so many things that have changed about my little man and a few things that haven’t. He’s still my early riser, still falls asleep easily, still a messy eater, still likes to use pee pee and poo poo in every phrase, his speech is so much better so there are no more cute sayings, he plays rough still… likes to punch his daddy a lot, still suffers from night terrors from time to time, hates when we mess with his hair, doesn’t mind the hairdryer anymore, no longer dreams of being a superhero, he now wants to be a baseball player, growing out of his shyness, Unca Na has been replaced with his buddies at school, still doesn’t like to do anything for himself, still clumsy and still gets hurt feelings easily, great attention span and a great listener, never gets in trouble at school, he grew out of nurse maid’s elbow (thank god, that sucked) and he is REALLY good at playing by himself, you can still find him in the mornings in front of the TV with a bowl of cheerios, the loves video games and watches YouTube video game clips on JT’s iPhone all the time, he has 4 really good buddies at school that he talks about all the time, he is excellent at make believe, fights with his sister but she can still kick his butt, likes to be responsible for Roscoe’s care, he feeds him and takes him out, he can be really annoying and just laugh when we tell him to knock it off, such a stinker, he looks just like me or so I’ve heard, he loves legos, harry potter, mario and batman and like I mentioned video games, his teacher says he doing above average work in the classroom, he’s reading… he’s 6.

This is our last year together during the day. He attends kindergarten in the afternoons and next year he will be in first grade all day. I think I’ll stop thinking/worrying about next year and live in this year (in the moment).

Pictures of J at 3

Pictures of J at 6

Love this guy!!

4 years ago

and this year…

My Baby is Almost 5.

It’s been over a month since I blogged. Good lord has this blog taken a backseat to life. I received another item to review and before I do that I figure I’d better get my readers back πŸ™‚ someone remind me to take my name off those review lists. I don’t have time.

J is turning 5 on Sunday and I do not know where the time went. Last year I never did post pictures of his amazing party. Everyone came dressed as a superhero and I made these dossier’s with their names and their superhero identities. They were a huge hit. Well I thought (a year later) I would post some pictures and we can all reminisce about how much fun we had. These were all taken by my friend because conveniently my camera was not charged. Sigh. Anyway these are awesome.

J was Superman

L was Supergirl and her friends were the Powerpuff Girls

Our cousins or Storm, Harlequin, Batgirl and one of the Powerpuff Girls

Uncle Na and Aunt C – Evel Kneivel and Catwoman

Playing with his superheroes

J with my mom – she was Poison Ivy

Daddy and his cousin – Aquaman and the Joker

That damn pinata would not break – we know it was a pull string but those aren’t as much fun. So I took matters into my own hands

When it got dark we rode Uncle Na’s mini motorcycle up and down the alley. When I say we, I mean the guys.

SO MUCH FUN!!! This year’s party isn’t going to be as big. Just a few families over for a little barbecue because we leave for Disney in 32 days!!! That’s enough of a party even though it’s after his birthday. Thanks for walking down memory lane with me.

Chicago Day 2 – The conclusion

We were only there for one night. We definitely need to stay longer next time. We would get a city pass and do a whole lot more… in fact I already have a list made of what to go back and do.

  • The Willis Tower
  • Aquarium
  • Field Museum
  • Speedboat Tour

You get the idea. All the touristy things. Hopefully next time my mom will be able to go with us. L really wants to take her to see the American Girl store, isn’t that sweet?!

Back to our story… after the AG store JT mentioned that we should run the packages back to our car. I said “NAH, let’s just keep going.” Mistake. By the time we made it to the Lego store that AG bag was so heavy it was cutting into my hand. Plus the two days of walking was catching up with J. Poor guy couldn’t keep up. So I had him on my back and the AG bag plus it was warmer this day. Next time he will be older but we should have put him in the stroller that we’d brought but it was back at the car. Yeah every once in a while JT is right.

We walked up to the river and explained to the kids how they make the river green every year for St. Patrick’s Day. They loved that.

Off to the Lego store, which I know where it is… It just always takes me a while to find it. We actually walked past it once. While we were in the AG store he asked a minimum of 30 times when it was his turn, when were we going to the Lego store…. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! He was driving us nuts. Once we finally made it there he was all smiles. First guy we saw was this guy… he loves this guy.

L stayed at the Lego table almost the entire time. She loved playing there.

J walked around with either JT or myself deciding what he wanted to purchase. I took his picture with all of his favorite lego creations

He did find some things he wanted. A spongebob set and of course a few Star Wars sets. He would not put the Star Wars sets down either. He had a death grip on them while walking around.

I’m not sure why but this is my favorite one, he just looks so sweet next to R2-D2

We were finally able to pull L away from her table to take some pics of her too.

Legos purchased we went back to the hotel and packed up the room and the car. Kept the car in the garage and headed to Millennium Park. Had to see the Bean before we left. Everyone needs a bean picture if you visit Chicago.

Before we crossed the street into the Park the kids saw this cow. So they rushed over for me to take a picture. Normal children would stand next to the cow, my children decided to “milk” the cow.

Finally weirdness aside we made it into the park and saw…

The Bean

Bean pictures…

After bean pictures we decided to get a couple more of the family.

Last cab ride, back to the hotel to retrieve our car. Time to go home.

A little sad to be leaving we all would have liked to stay one more day and do some other fun things, maybe another time.

Goodbye Chicago

or so we thought. We got about 10 minutes outside downtown Chicago on highway 55 when we came to a dead stop. 2 hours we crawled on 55. Ugh. It was miserable. The ride home was fine. Poor kids were exhausted and slept for almost 2 1/2 hours on the way home.

Someone had a great time…

On the way home we were going to stop in Springfield and let the kids run around Lincoln’s home but by the time we were out of traffic and headed that way… it was closed. Oh well. We stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel (yum) we always stop at one when we travel by car.

The kids played checkers while JT snoozed a little before getting back in the car for the final miles towards home.

Finally the arch was welcoming us back home.

It was a fantastic mini vacation.

Chicago Day 2 – American Girl

It was a really bad night’s sleep. You would think that we would have slept well, JT and I each had a double bed to ourselves and the kids slept together on a pullout sofa, but JT and I did NOT sleep well at all.

The kids woke up and opened the curtains right away to let in all that nice bright sun. They enjoyed sitting on the air conditioner looking outside at everyone walking to work.

It was a big day. It was American Girl store day!!!! We all got ready and headed down to eat our free breakfast. I forgot that we got 2 $10 gift cards for breakfast when we checked in. That was really nice we only had to pay $5 for breakfast. After that we headed up to get L’s dolls, we had a lunch reservation at 11:00 am and we were going to walk around a little. First stop… Starbucks. πŸ™‚ There was one 10 steps from our hotel. Love that. After my morning coffee run we walked back to the Disney store. There was someone special the kids wanted to buy a present for. We were 15 minutes early for opening so we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day.

The kids watching cartoons waiting for mommy and daddy to finish getting ready

J made himself at home while waiting

A pic of our hotel

Sitting out side the Disney store waiting for store open.

She’s holding a naked Samantha, we were going to admit her to the hospital at the AG store. I was holding Molly. After the Disney store gifts had been purchased we headed down to the AG store to look around before our reservation.

You walk in and it takes your breath away. L was so excited. She knew which doll she wanted to purchase so she kept trying to pick her up but we told her to be patient, let’s check everything out first, have lunch and then she could shop. She was busting at the seams. She had saved all of her birthday money (it’s what she asked for this year) and we were treating her to a new doll for her belated bday gift.

The store when you walk in

So we explored. Found the doll hospital, talked to a nurse about Samantha and decided that she might not need to be admitted, instead just cleaned up so we made her an appointment in the salon.

Soon after it was time for lunch. My mom had a special gift at the table for each kiddo. They were really excited. The cafe is beautiful. Very cheery with a great view all the way around the restaurant. The meal was okay. Next time I will probably just order one of the kids dishes.

Opening her gift

It’s a mini Kaya and J received a new Iron Man toy

They brought out appetizers and our drinks, Molly was at the table with us in her special high chair. Also at the table there was a cute box with slips of paper they were conversation starters. So cute. L loved answering some of the questions.

Miss Samantha’s appointment was done at the salon so JT ran to pick her up (such a good daddy) and she joined us for lunch.

Here’s the restaurant

L with both her dolls

They sang Happy Birthday to her, which was so sweet. The desserts were so good.

Lunch was definitely worth the money. It’s a little girly, I think JT and J were at their limit but it was worth it for for L.

After lunch she was off and running. At one point I looked back at JT who was bringing up the rear and he gave me a look like geez I can barely keep up. So funny.

I loved the historical characters section. The displays were awesome and she loved walking around looking at everything.

Off to pick up Kit, her next doll

picking out her mini dolls, she only needs to add Addy to her mini collection and she’ll have all of them

With all of her purchases before we left

She had a blast and as we walked out she was talking about her next visit. I was so happy for her. Up next Chicago Day 2 – The rest…

Chicago Day 1

For L’s birthday we promised her a trip to Chicago so she could visit the American Girl store. Not to leave J out we told him we’d take him to the Lego store. Needless to say they were super psyched.

JT and I have been to Chicago many many times separately and then a couple times together. Our first time there together was January 1998. We were dating back then. Next was our honeymoon, it was a layover stop for us. On the day of our return flight we woke up in a Chicago hotel near the airport to a blizzard and canceled flights to STL. We took a cab to the bus station then we had to walk with our luggage, in the snow, in sandals to the ATM so we could purchase two bus tickets we then proceeded to take a bus home. Worst trip ever!!! The next trip would be in 2006, JT planned a trip there with friends for my 30th birthday, kid free trip. We had a lot of fun.

We love Chicago. It’s expensive though so we don’t visit as often as we’d like. We usually drive, we’ve flown a couple times but next time we plan on taking the train because that would be fun. We drove this trip, not too bad.

The kids packed up in the car and ready to go… L had all of her dolls ready to go. BTW the tables we bought a couple of years ago are the best purchase we ever made. Love those things for traveling.

The kids love to scream “goodbye arch” as we leave

JT and I love to play the license plate game, I found this one at Target a couple years ago

The kids were really excited to go and JT and I were in money saving mode (we’re saving for Disney later this year). Do as much as we could for as little money as possible. Not easy.We arrived on Thursday, May 27th. Our hotel was awesome. We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton it’s a block off of Michigan Ave. Awesome hotel, plus they had an American Girl package. L would get checked in with her doll, register to win another doll, get an A.G. bed and fresh baked cookies for bedtime. It was worth every penny. Plus they were playing the Molly movie in our hotel room non-stop. She loved it. After we checked in and relaxed a bit we headed out to grab some lunch. We were starving. When we visited in 2006 we ate at Giordano’s, it happened to be down the street a couple blocks from where we were staying so we decided to eat there. Our kids love pizza so we knew they would like it too. Super yummy. When we sat down poor L knocked over her water all over my shirt and shorts. It was bad. But she was so upset so I acted like it was no big deal. I didn’t want to upset her more. I was wet and it was cold downtown (more on that in a second).

The kids waiting to be called to our table at Giordano’s

After lunch we walked back to the hotel because I had to change my clothes. πŸ™‚ Wet and cold were not a good thing plus I don’t have an incontinence problem, I didn’t feel like walking around looking like I had wet my pants. Back to the hotel I changed into my capris and put J into a pair of pants plus grabbed their sweaters. Got love the cool breeze on Michigan Ave. After the wardrobe change we caught a cab to Navy Pier. We thought the kids would like to ride the Ferris Wheel and explore the Pier.

First cab ride for the kids

At this point I finally got my camera out and stopped taking pictures with my phone πŸ™‚ On the Ferris Wheel

Awesome, awesome views of the city and water.

Kids on the pier…

After the Pier we caught another cab to Michigan Ave., we thought we would walk the mile and head back towards the hotel. Museums were out because they are super pricey for 4. So this was entertaining enough for them.

We looked in the AG store windows, visited the Hershey store, went in the Disney store (they closed ours here) and let the kids buy stuff and just went in a couple other stores before heading back to the hotel to play with the kids new toys.

Finally after resting and playing again in the hotel we went out to eat at Weber Grill. Love this restaurant, it’s so good. The kids were tired though because we had a late reservation so to keep them happy we let them play with my iPhone and JT’s iPod Touch. Remember when crayons and paper kept kids busy.

After we ate we were off to bed. So tired and it was almost 10:00 (late for the kids).

Dance Recital 2010

This last weekend (saturday) my two kiddos had their dance recital. We were so proud of them. They did fantastic. They had a routine to Follow the Yellow Brick Road and you will see their costumes….

I present Dorothy and the Tin Man (taken with my iPhone)

Rest taken with my D70 – Here’s a picture of them sitting on the stage earlier in the day during rehearsals (my babies are in the front row, middle)

Finally on stage, L was so fantastic. She was always ahead of the rest and right on cue. J just watched her to see what he should be doing next.

Bravo!! Bravo!! Bravo!! They did fantastic!!!