We Have Fat Squirrels

Halloween has come and gone and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Not that there is much preparation for Thanksgiving. You make a grocery list, we keep a few pumpkins out and maybe do a few turkey crafts. No big deal, because we all know the big show is around the corner.

But, with all that – my point… we kept a few pumpkins out. We put the large black inflatable cat away and we put a few in our flower boxes under our windows and we kept our super huge one that we didn’t carve on our front porch all in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I had my Mother’s help in the design and it looks nice and very fall like.

So why is my post called “We Have Fat Squirrels”? Why am I talking about pumpkins instead of squirrels… clearly squirrels are what I want to talk about because here in our town they are huge. They are the size of your pet cat and they are brave. There are hundreds living in just one tree it seems. You feel like you are always being watched when you walk out your door to your car. Think I’m exaggerating. Ask one of my neighbors. They’ll agree. We tried to grown veggies this summer, we didn’t get any off our vines or plants because these little demons would beat us to them. Well now they are destroying my Thanksgiving display.

Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about. Pretty right? All those colorful and different gourds and pumpkins….

The squirrels take off with either a small pumpkin or a gourd every day. Yesterday JT saw one with a yellow gourd in it’s mouth so he chased it off the porch. It ran into the yard and stood there with it in it’s mouth and stared and JT until JT ran at him, that little sucker didn’t even drop the dang gourd as it ran up the tree in our front yard. At first I was pissed but now it’s becoming humorous. Here’s what they are doing to my extra large pumpkin by our front door.

Each day it grows bigger and bigger. We are basically feeding these little creeps. It’s an open buffet where they can dine 24 hours. Want proof that they are fat?

I’ve never seen squirrels this big or fat. A hazard to suburb living.

We raked leaves yesterday…. 7 tall yard bags for just the front yard. It’s alot of work but boy are those some huge piles for jumping 🙂


One thought on “We Have Fat Squirrels

  1. Becca says:

    That’s what happened to our pumpkins! They even busted right through the top of one so you could see the seeds inside, then it started to mold! Yuck!

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