Newest iPhone App

I don’t really do reviews anymore. But Kailani at Island Life mentioned she had an opportunity to review a new child’s app for my iPhone, I was all ears. I adore my iPhone and I love that I can hand it over to my kids from time to time to keep them calm. For instance the other day I was shopping for JT’s birthday, he wanted some cologne so we headed to a store in West County mall called Perfumania. Poor J, I must have been in that store for 30 minutes sniffing different colognes and perfumes. Just when the whining started… I was able to hand off my iPhone and he was quiet for the next 15 minutes. Heaven!!!

The newest app is called Old McDonald by Duck Duck Moose. Old McDonald is a musical book with 12 colorful pages of interactive illustrations. All the illustrations are based on the popular child’s song, you know the one. Every single illustration is manipulable. Your child can shear a sheep (J’s favorite, he giggles everytime), flip a cow, push a tractor, make ducks waddle (my favorite) and pop balloons.

Old McDonald encourages a child’s cognitive, language and motor development. It includes different languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian and of course English and the song Old McDonald can be heard in the normal sing-song version, cello, violin, piano, kazoo and a record-your-own-voice.



At first I thought that only J would like this app but I quickly found that L can get lost in it’s simplicity. She sat quietly at breakfast the other morning playing for a straight 10 minutes. 10 minutes for a 5 year old is good in my book. J does sit longer than L and play the 12 pages over and over but it is more geared towards him. For $0.99 it was well worth it. Duck Duck Moose is the company that also brought you The Wheels on the Bus. If you have an iPhone and young kids this is a good one. You can purchase either application through the iTunes App Store.


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