Latest Etsy Faves

Cruising etsy tonight for a coffee cozy and of course I got sucked in. Wanna see some of my latest favorites?!

  • This Ernie costume
  • Oh my lord have you ever seen anything as cute as this headband
  • These rings are awesome. I really like the blackberry bling and the strawberry
  • How cute is this Halloween countdown calendar
  • Perfect sign for me
  • Love everything in this store
  • There’s something about owls that are so cute
  • Wondering if I could get away with this hat, not for the price but the hat is cute.
  • This print is amazing

Wow all that imaginary shopping has me worn out. I’m off to bed, maybe one of these awesome items will end up in my cart. Who knows. Oh and I still haven’t found a coffee cozy.


5 thoughts on “Latest Etsy Faves

  1. Olivia says:

    What kind of cozy are you looking for? I could make you one.

  2. I sure could spend years on etsy… and millions… doesn’t it feel great to support locally owned small businesses? I love that headband!

  3. ohhhhh and that ERNIE is too die for sweet! With that little vintage striped shirt? oh my

  4. Alyce says:

    I saw cozies on Etsy…AlyTheRed was the seller.

  5. newnormal says:

    This is my cousin’s shop. She makes them from felt.

    I’m thinking these are going to be Christmas presents this year!

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