What do you think???

I think he could possibly be the cutest baby ever.


Tonight we celebrated a special little girl’s 2nd birthday and finally got to meet the newest member of the family. He is the sweetest baby, I couldn’t keep my hands off of him.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl


My kids had so much fun they are planning a playover and sleepover or that’s how L put it. She is very excited to have them over to play and sleep. Okay by now you know I took a whole bunch of pictures… so here’s some more.

We went on a walk to the creek, this picture cracks me up. As someone put it, it resembles Abbey Road


She was so excited to sing Happy Birthday and to blow out her candle, so cute. In fact, her mom had to relight the candle because she blew it out before we could sing. Check out the determination in this picture


Well we had a blast and now I am going to bed because it was a busy weekend and we have a super busy day tomorrow. I can’t wait to show you our newest addition in the backyard. My mom and I went and picked it up today. So cool. Thanks to my mom for everything this past week and weekend.


One thought on “What do you think???

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Adorable baby! And that’s a sweet photo of him :0)

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