It’s DONE, for the most part!!!

The backyard project is almost completed, just a few finishing touches left. It looks amazing. I have to say I am so happy with the whole project. It was completed by JT, myself, Unca Na and my mom. I would go outside every morning at 9:00 am and my mom would leave around 9:45 pm every night. Today I was excited to dress in decent clothes again, not sweat, wear makeup and do my hair. We still worked outside but we went out to dinner to celebrate.

This is what the project started out as on Sunday/Monday morning… a brand new fence around the kids play area to keep the dogs out, a new shed for bikes and some new rubber mulch.



Then my mom started talking about finding a different play structure for the kids since they were outgrowing the current one. We took my grandmother shopping at Sams on Monday afternoon after the kids had their pictures taken and we found the most awesome play stuff there for a low price so my mom bought it for L and J.

Here’s what my car looked like coming home from the store on Monday afternoon, the boxes were so big that we had to take the second row of seats out. The kids and I stayed home while my mom went and picked it up (I took the old swingset apart).


So on Monday night when JT got home from work we started building L’s playhouse or Cedar Cottage as the box said. What was funny the instructions stated it would take two “moderately” skilled people 3 hours. It took the 3 of us (one moderately skilled, my mom) 5 hours. 4 that night and 1 the next day.


The kids helped out where they could… L helped me sort the boards. They were all labeled with letters and numbers


J not so much….


The next day (Tuesday) we started building the fort. Yeah, I said fort. More like the “kid mahal” as JT has appropriately named the fort. By the end of the day we at least had a structure.


Wednesday was just a BAD day. Nothing was going right, we installed everything on the wrong side we had to un-anchor the entire structure (which was very heavy), it was just a mess but this is the day that Na joined us (THANK GOD). It was such a bad day I think I took only 4 pictures that whole day.


Thursday was much better. It was a nice, cool day and things were finally going better. Na was off of work and JT was working from home so I had a ton of help that afternoon. By the end of the day we were at least in much better shape and starting to resemble something.


Hallelujah!!! Last day, Friday. We were up against the rain coming that night, so we really wanted to be done before dark. The crow’s nest (you’ll see) took 5 hours to complete or ate least that’s what it felt like.

Here are the boys installing the swing beam

Installing the swing beam

My brother installing the floor for the crows nest, he spent most of his afternoon up there. Poor guy at 6’5 it wasn’t an easy task.

Unca Na putting the crows next floor on

Today we finished up with more mulch, rearranged the fencing, placed L’s house in a permanent position and purchased some accessories for L’s house.

The finished project.


L in front of her house


JT and J in J’s favorite place the crow’s nest with telescope (don’t worry those wires are not even close to the house for some reason they look close enough to touch in this picture).


I am sunburned, tired and sore but I am way more proud of the fact that we built this ourselves. The smiles on my kids face is worth every bit of pain and trouble we had making the fort. Wanna come over and play? 🙂

Oh and the reason I talk about it almost being done… there were a couple boards not included, they are fedexing them to me. I’ll post more pictures when the entire thing is completely done and put together, more fun stuff to come.

5 thoughts on “It’s DONE, for the most part!!!

  1. shraddha says:

    great job…

    love your blog…

  2. wherelifebecomesart says:

    Holy Cow!!!! That’s AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Mary Jo says:

    Looks fabulous, Hollie!!! :0)

  4. Becca LB says:

    Looks great Hollie!

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