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Holy Crap this is funny!!!

If you are on Facebook (which I am) and I know some of you are too and I know this because we are friends. You will find this video funny. I love facebook as much as the next person but yeah some of the stuff is annoying….

It was only a matter of time before someone did a video on this subject. Oh and see you on facebook. ūüôā

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I totally want to see this now

I found this video on someone else blog while surfing this afternoon and now I want to see the movie. These guys are too funny.

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Things I Love Thursday – YouTube saved me money!


Since I am beside myself happy I thought I would use the reason for my happiness for my TILT today. The reason???? I found a YouTube video that completely instructed me on how to change my own hard drive and right now my pc is downloading all of the programs that it came with and says that it recognizes the brand new hard drive. Yeah me!!! I can’t believe it was that easy.

Now here is what I am really upset about, basically here’s the story. The gentleman that I took my pc too told me that he would run a¬†diagnostic check on my hard drive and see what the problem was and it would cost $39.00. Great have at it… he claims he was on the phone with Dell for two hours and that the hard drive was completely destroyed because of a bad hard drive. Fine, I only lost 1 1/2 months of pictures, I was upset but I will live!! Dell was going to replace the hard drive at no cost to me. It’s covered under warranty. My warranty is good till May, thank heaven!! He tells me that when he receives the new hard drive he will need to install it and download all my software and it will cost me $206.50. OMG!! So he gives me the phone number and case number for Dell, I had a bad feeling about the¬†guy¬†so I decided to call Dell myself. Dell tells me that the hard drive they are sending already has the programs added. It’s basically what I ordered when I purchased my pc in May and I can call them back and they will walk me through the installation themselves. So the tech dude is charging me an installation fee for programs that are already on the hard drive. What a punk!! JT called him and told him that I would be picking up my pc and the new hard drive when it arrived and we wouldn’t be using his services. He tells JT that it’s extremely difficult to install a hard drive and you need all kind of special equipment, just more BS. JT tells him it doesn’t matter we aren’t using him. So I pick up the pc and he says “you should have called me before you picked it up”, just give me my pc dumba**. He says “well I hope your husband knows what he is doing!” Uh yeah we were going to take it to Best Buy where they charge only $40 to install a hard drive d***head. I was fuming by this point, then he tells me that it’s $59.00, WTF?? I didn’t challenge him on the price I just left. Well today I couldn’t get anyone to answer at Best Buy so I started to look around the internet, I could’ve called Dell but I could barely understand the guy so instead¬†I found this video (down below)¬†and followed it to a T and voila my¬†hard drive is installed and downloading programs as we speak. Stupid Tech!!! This video just gave me the basics which is what I needed. It may not work for everyone.

YOUTUBE I LOVE YOU!!! You saved me money and time. Sorry it was a long story but really I feel better having gotten that off my chest. Whew!!! Plus I discovered while in my computer that I can add more memory down the road instead of buying a new pc in a couple years. Now if only I could get Windows Vista to perform regularly… that’s a whole different story, if you have Vista you know what I am talking about.

For more TILT check out the Diaper Diaries.

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2 Days Til Halloween – Scared People Are Funny

Last night we went to Boo at the Zoo and there was this kid in a¬†super scary skeleton costume. I led my kids away from him because I knew it would freak J out, he was already borderline and there is nothing scary about Boo at the Zoo (well at least for anyone not in the preschooler stage). Anyway this kid was in the children’s zoo and was going down the slide by the otter’s when this tiny little guy (younger than J) walked by right as he came down the slide and that poor little boy about fell over with fear. He shook and was staggering sideways with wide eyes. I really felt sorry for him but at the same time everyone was laughing because when someone gets scared and they aren’t in danger, it’s funny. The boy wearing the mask quickly took it off because at least he was considerate to show the little boy that it was okay but the damage had been done. He kept walking scared of everything. Poor little guy. Well that had me thinking about how hard I laugh when other people are scared (not so funny when it’s you). Here are some videos I found of people getting scared…

I don’t care who you are if you are in a morgue and someone jumps up from under the sheet, you could possibly be looking at someone having a heart attack.

The morgue one was a repeat but come on you have to at least be chuckling… okay not yet??

Now tell me you aren’t laughing now. Have you ever had that trick played on you? I have… it’s a funny one but what I don’t understand are the people that show that to their kids. There are a lot of sad ones where kids are crying. Poor things. L and J will not be watching them.

WARNING!!!! NOT FOR LITTLE KIDS!!!! Now if you are an adult and want to see what scared these people… here is one of the videos that are out there to trick family members: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0csP7ipLjck. Just know it will scare your kids. Here’s another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-e26gXsI_Ak. That one will scare your kids too.

I’ll stick with the funny AFV ones, I am not a fan of wetting my pants because I was scared.

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J Reading Skeleton Hiccups

Remember my Halloween post here¬†where I bragged about J reading Skeleton Hiccups and how it makes me go “ahhhh” and swoon a little cause he’s just so darn cute.

It’s not the best that he’s done but I still felt the need to post it:

Hic Hic Hic

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For all my right-wing friends

This is hilarious, I found it on my cousin Carrie’s blog.


Vote – Pass It On!!

Found this on Oh.My.Words Blog. Loved it so I had to pass it on.

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Cutest Commercial

I am so glad this commercial is back again this year. I love this commercial.

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Stand up!

This ad gives me goosebumps everytime I see it.

I’ll be back later with lake stories and pictures we are all pretty tired.

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Cute Video

This is adorable. Really. I found it on YouTube but it’s also on this website called TOTLOL (videos for toddlers and preschoolers. Very cute site. Anyway my kids really like this video.

Here’s the super cute German version (I don’t know why but it is a lot cuter in German)

Here’s the English version

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