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Works For Me Wednesday – Don’t Lose Your Camera


This is probably something no one ever thinks of and since I am starting a new carnival on Monday’s that deals with pictures I figured I would tie the two together. When I go on vacation or anywhere for that matter I always have my camera, I take on average 5 photos a day. Average!!! I am always concerned about where my camera is and I am paranoid about leaving it behind somewhere. To solve my paranoia. I have written down on a piece of paper my name, address and phone number. I never delete this picture from my camera, that way if I ever lose my camera (god forbid) they will turn it on and be able to scroll through and see my info. Next you just hope someone honest picks it up :).

There is also a website out there that I found out about through Nicole’s blog called I Found Your Camera. Also really cool.

This is what works for me. Check out other tips at We Are That Family. Oh and one more shameless plug, come back on Monday and leave a picture.

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Works For Me Wednesday – School Paper Storage

works-for-me-wednesday3The school papers are were totally overrunning my house. We have a small house/apartment and we are currently at max capacity in this space. There isn’t room for a second filing cabinet or a bunch of binders… I was telling my mom this exact same thing the other day and she came up with a great solution. See she can sew and she made these for me before Christmas.

They are fabric pouches. A purple for L and a red/yellow for J (they match their room colors). We placed velcro on the back of their doors and have velcro on the back of the pouch. The sides velcro all the way up so if your project is large you can remove it and lay it on the ground before placing it in there. They are washable which can be a godsend when you are talking about glitter and paint. When they bring home any papers that I am considering keeping they go in the pouch – I can revisit the papers and projects later and decide what I really want to keep at the end of the school year. Perfect for us and our small space. If you want directions on how to make them just leave me a comment and I will get directions from her.

Here are some pictures:

dscn0054  dscn0058

dscn0056  dscn0057

For more Works For Me Wednesday tips visit our new home base www.wearethatfamily.com.

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Works for Me Wednesday – Peeling Potatoes


This tip is so simple and it’s not a Hotomom original. It would be a tip from my mom. Probably a million of you already do this but to me it’s pure genius. When I peel potatoes the peels always clogs up my garbage disposal. So I was cleaning them and then peeling them onto a paper towel on the counter. Wasn’t too bad but I went to my mom’s on Valentines Day and she had to peel an entire bag for dinner. She placed a strainer in the kitchen sink and peeled into there. Talk about simple and easy. It really made the whole job go a lot faster. Why didn’t I think of that???? She’s got it all… good looks, smarts – I tell ya I only hope I am able to inspire my daughter someday with my own wonderful tips.

Now if I could only come up with a tip for not peeling your fingernail off…. ouch it hurts. Check out more tips at Rocks in My Dryer.


WFMW – Learning Letters


We had L’s parent teacher conference last week and the only thing she said that she needs to work on is her ABCs and her letters. All this child does is sit and pretend to write or write her name over and over or color. She is a happy girl if she has paper and some sort of writing instrument, but she struggles with knowing her ABCs. I think it’s because I don’t sit and work with her on it, so that’s what we are going to do now. With a little help from my parent educator I came up with some ideas to help.

  • Work on her name and the letters in her name first. She can write her name and she knows the letters names but there are only 3 in her name so it’s not too difficult so we are going to work on labeling other things with the same letter and then move onto other family members names.
  • I am going to start pointing at words as I read them in a book and ask her what that letter is… pretty basic.
  • Work on puzzles that are primarily ABC puzzles.
  • Use the Leap Frog Magnetic ABC set for your refrigerator
  • Work on letter sounds
  • Have a letter of the day… work on themes, like that letter for lunch and activities for that day that start with the letter. That’s a big undertaking but if she is struggling that badly it will come to that.
  • Get a tray full of wheat germ or rice and ask her to draw a letter, have her use her finger to draw the letter.
  • Use play dough and create snakes then you create a letter with your snake and have her copy
  • Make an alphabet book and have her help you find the items for pictures of stickers
  • Make a family picture book with their pictures and the first letter of their name
  • Bury magnetic letters in sand or rice, etc and have her find them and tell you what letter it is
  • Use bathtub letters that stick to the wall and make bath time educational

So there you go SEVERAL ideas on how to help your child learn the alphabet, especially if the song isn’t helping (like in our case).

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Works for Me Wednesday – Portable Desks

works-for-me-wednesdayI love Michael’s – it’s no secret. I am there about every other week. It has pretty much everything I need plus their coupons sometimes are awesome. I would go and see these desks everytime and I would never buy them, but oooh I wanted them.


Finally one day I broke down and spent the 6.99 per each or something like that. I got a pink one for L and a green one for J. Best purchase I ever made. We don’t have a dining room or a coffee table, we do have a table in our kitchen but sometimes we don’t feel like eating around the table. That’s when these come in we can set the kids on the ground in front of the TV and they can eat their dinner without making a mess, perfect for movie nights, but the best use so far is for coloringart projects. My carpeting no longer takes on extra crayon or marker strokes. They tote these around all over the house. J lines up his action figures and plays with them. L does all of her art projects on there and they are so easy to clean up. I was actually thinking about getting two more. JT and I could even use them as TV trays. It definitely works for us.

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Works for Me Wednesday – Displaying Christmas Cards


Every year we receive beautiful Christmas cards from family and friends and I never knew what to do with them. Having read Becky Higgin’s blog I decided to just do what she does…. tape them to the wall. I love this so much better than the usual throwing them in a basket. We would never enjoy them this way so this year we walk by and enjoy them everyday. They are at the top of our stairs where we arrive and leave. Thank you Becky! Here’s a picture:


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WFMW: Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster

I was really impressed so I decided to use this as my WFMW today.


clorox-2Remove Stains. Brighten Colors. Whiten Whites. That’s their claim over at Clorox. I have been a Tide girl and was extremely hesitant to try anything new, I don’t usually use a stain fighter. I have two very sensitive souls in my household with sensitive skin so when I find something that works we don’t stray. Lately though we have had some clothes coming out of the wash with rust stains. Those are the most annoying stains to get rid of plus I have two children that LOVE their chocolate milk, one of those children can be especially messy and those stains don’t always come out of J’s clothes. So taking all of these factors into consideration I jumped at the chance to review Clorox’s newest product for Mom Central. They sent me a coupon to receive a free bottle, which I had trouble finding truthfully. Good ole Target didn’t have the pretty blue bottle so one day my outstanding husband went on a Clorox hunt for me (isn’t he grand).

We tried it out that day. We washed all of our colors which happened to include some of my new clothes in a shade of bright pink. The first thing I checked was the smell, come on like you wouldn’t check that too. It smelled pretty good. You mix the concentrate with your detergent and the result wasn’t chemically smelling instead it was nice and flowery, not a huge difference. The second thing I checked the color of my new sweatshirt. It was amazingly bright and still looking great. Okay third test my sons sweatshirt with the chocolate milk stain placed perfectly in the middle of his chest. GONE!!! Love it! For me there is nothing more exciting than doing the laundry and your kids clothes coming out looking new again. You spend all that money on new clothes don’t you want them to look there best?! I do!! Especially my kids’ clothes.

Here are the facts:

  • Can be used in standard or HE (front loading) machines
  • New concentrated formula is better for the environment – less plastic and water in the making of the product

I am not some kind of laundry freak. I don’t enjoy doing the laundry I just enjoy the fact that a product will remove stains from my clothes and my kids clothes. If that is enough to excite you even just a little, let me know… I have 3 more coupons for a free bottle. Want one??? Just leave me a comment and I will draw three names.

Have any other questions they have a great FAQ’s section on their website, you can find it here. Oh and he finally found it at our local Walgreens.

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Works for Me Wednesday – Dealership Blues???


I had to take my van in the other day for a tune-up plus our DVD player wasn’t working all the time so off to the dealer we went. It was on a day where I of course would have both children so I started thinking the night before on what I could take to entertain my children… sweets are always good (especially suckers) but I didn’t really want them running around like crazy, sugar high, children, of course I packed crayons and a coloring book but that only holds J’s attention for so long. There was also my iPod Touch but the battery was low from L listening to it all the time (she likes the music, music videos and movie shorts) so instead I was sitting next to the mail and it happened to contain 12 catalogs (I’m not exaggerating) and half of them were toy stores. So I packed ALL of them and some pens. The kids sat for a full hour and circled everything they thought was cool or that they wanted and were completely quiet, they even (gasp) shared!!! Luckily for me they have forgotten all about these catalogs because they have mysteriously disappeared, so Santa and mommy are off the hook but I thank you catalog companies for helping me out that day. I might use you again keep em coming.

Here are some pictures:




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P.S. We had to go back the other day for our new DVD player to be installed and I just happened to grab their super capes, because J wanted me too and (courtesy of babypop on etsy) they played for 20 minutes pretending they were super heroes (outside) while we waited for my mom to pick us up. J has a “super” love for his cape right now. You can look back at our leaf raking on Sunday for the proof 🙂



Works for Me Wednesday – Toys Worth Our Money


Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is so smart. Here she is coming up with a themed WFMW right before Christmas titled Toys Worth Buying. I had a few ideas but decided to go with the little boy side of my house for this one because I think it’s harder to buy for him than it is for the little girl in our house. But, pssst…. wanna know a secret? I am done with the Christmas shopping for my kids, plus a few other family members. Yeah it’s awesome.

The toys that my son could not live without and has been worth every stinkin penny I have spent on him up till now and for Christmas are the PLANET HEROES!!! He is obsessed with these guys, when he plays with them you can see his imagination working and I love that he is into something besides superheroes (he’s into those too). All of the toys come with this inserts or booklets and/or a DVD showing a short movie about the Planet Heroes and what they do, you can buy a second one on-line. J runs around with these books and inserts and talks to me about them ALL DAY, and which ones he wants Santa to bring him. I know more about Planet Heroes than I do about the latest celebrities.

By the time Christmas is over he will own almost every single one of them (except for Pluto – since he changed planet status he’s harder to find). In fact, his big present will be their Solar Quarters – pictured below. You can purchase these in ToysRUs, Target, Walmart and on-line at Fisher-Price. I think they are reasonably priced too, anywhere from $9 to $14 for the figures.


The figures are perfect for his age group (3 and up). He can move the legs and arms by himself, put their helmets on, put them in their cars and he plays with them for hours. Each figure is named for a planet and they have numbers on their suits as well so it teaches them about the solar system and where the planets are in rank. There is also one named Star, Moon and Sun the Commander. There are bad guys named asteroid, red giant, black hole and his two comet sidekicks. All of them have easier names that your kids can call them too for instance you really wouldn’t want your child running around the house constantly saying “Mom have you seen Uranus?”, “Uranus to space command.”, etc. So instead they call him Yuri. Venus is Dazzle, Earth is Ace and Mars is Digger, there are alot of these dudes so you get the idea.

So this is our favorite can’t live without toy for this year, now if I could just find Pluto for less than $40 we would be in good shape, especially since this is the one he begs for constantly. Maybe a grandparent will take pity on him?!

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Works for Me Wednesday – House Rules


Sometimes I have to say TV isn’t all that bad. One of those Nanny shows (not sure which one because I don’t really watch them) always puts a piece of paper on the wall and they write out the House Rules and the consequences. So I decided it was time to implement this ourselves. L has had a bit of a smart mouth lately and J likes to use his hand to express anger so I used a piece of poster board and wrote out our rules:

  1. No hitting or pushing
  2. Listen – we will only say it once
  3. No yelling or screaming
  4. No talking back or using attitude
  5. Treat everyone nicely that enters our house, including mommy and daddy
  6. Use our manners at all times

So far so good. We remind them that they are breaking a house rule and then they get a timeout for however old they are, meaning three minutes for J and 4 for L. Then they have to apologize before they can get up from their chair. This has brought harmony to our household.

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