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My favorite things… at this moment

So my favorites list is ever changing. But here are a few of my favorite things.

I just finished Sophie Kinsella’s newish book Remember Me? It was so good I finished it in three nights (staying up until 1:00 am all nights). I couldn’t put it down. I really like Sophie Kinsella and wish I hadn’t read ALL of her books so far that way I could dive into another one. I do really like her new character Lexi but nothing compares to a Becky story (she’s the shopaholic).

Word World. I love this cartoon. My kids love it. J was playing today and he just stopped in his tracks to sit down and watch. Whoever came up with the show’s concept is a genious. Seriously turning letters into the animated item that they spell. Genious. At this rate I may not have to teach L how to spell. Ah the TV ceases to amaze me (joking).

  My mom’s pond. Just call me the Fish Whisperer. I have trained my mom’s fish and part ours (we all have one) to eat their food from our hands. They come up and give you little sucker kisses. At first I didn’t like it but it grows on you. In fact the very first fish to give me a little suck would be JT’s fish Clooney. He’s gray and black or Salt N Pepper. Hmmm kind of like someone else I know (JT). But she has her plants all planted around the edges now and it’s like an oasis. JT has informed me that we will be building one right away when we buy our house. I’ll post pictures when she is completely done planting. You won’t believe the transformation. It’s breathtaking. She doesn’t have just a green thumb she has two green hands.

  Scrapbooking (as always) our Disney trip. I am finally feeling inspired. I showed the one page for our road trip part but I will show more as I finish them. I am very excited. Also I am supposed to be working on our cousin’s daughters first birthday book but I haven’t had any inspirations yet, but I am very excited because I started making them a random family book. I really hope they like it.

 And last but not least, rainy days. It has been so hot, humid and sunny for so long, I am appreciating the cloudy and rainy day today. It’s really relaxing.

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Ah, the days of my youth

If you read my blog often enough or if you just know me, you know that my favorite place to be is a bookstore with a cup of coffee, walking around and just breathing in all that new undiscovered book smell. So today we were off to the bookstore (my favorite being Borders). I was in search of one of the books on my list. Remember my library story… where I’m #17 and #38. I’m impatient I can’t wait that long. Stick with me here I am getting to my point.

I really wanted sTORI telling by Tori Spelling (don’t judge me I enjoy some good celebrity gossip + I love her reality show) but they didn’t have a copy (on-line they do and it’s 30% off). Apparently they can’t keep them on the shelves, I asked the guy when they were coming in he said he hasn’t seen any in weeks. SUPER!!! Everywhere I go there’s a wait. Waiting is not what I do, at least not well. So I went to book #2 on my list, Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. She is definitely one of my favorite authors. She’s up there with Nicholas Sparks and Anita Shreve. I really hope it’s a good book, I hate spending money on books and then I completely hate them or can’t get into them, so fingers crossed.

Anyway the whole Tori Spelling part of my story got me thinking tonight (here’s my point), how many of you out there watch Tori’s reality show on Oxygen? Did you watch 90210? I most certainly did. But I wasn’t a Donna fan. I was always into Kelly and Dylan. Who were you into? Did you know that they are making a remake of 90210? Will you watch it, it’s on the CW? I think I might sit this one out. It’s look all weird, the song is the only thing that’s the same and did I mention it’s on the CW (isn’t that channel for pre-teens and teens only?). I like Tori’s show because it’s real and she’s just as neurotic as the rest of us just with a little more cash in the back (not as much as her mom) but definitely more than I have. I know this is a lot of questions but I was just curious. Here’s a video someone did on YouTube of how they looked then vs. now.

Is it just me or did Brian Austin Green become a hottie with age?

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