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May Giveaway Day is HERE!!!

Giveaway Day

Today is the day!!! Thanks for passing through.

Do you have a little girl? If the answer is yes than my giveaway is perfect for you. My cousin has an etsy store and she sells the CUTEST fabric headbands. The one I am giving away is made of yellow gingham with a purple and white polka dot flower. In the center of the flower is a huge white button. There are purple satin ribbons that measure 11″ long. The headband itself is 17″ long. Here’s a picture…

LivvieLee Headband

To enter to win the little girl headband please visit the etsy store LivvieLee and leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is in her store (mine are the skirts she makes, my daughter loves them and they are often featured here on my blog). I will randomly draw a winner on May 31st at 9:00 pm (CST) and post as soon as possible, please make sure you include an e-mail address/way I can get a hold of you. I will not be shipping internationally so sorry to any these wonderful women out there.

Visit Sew Mama Sew and check out all the hand made giveaways this week, like my cousin’s blog.

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Things I Love Thursday – Bean Bags


For Valentines Day my cousin O made my kids some bean bags in the shapes of o and x’s. My kids don’t understand the concept yet of tic-tac-toe, mainly because I haven’t taught them but I have found many other uses for them.

First combined with some chalk outside and they can be used for hopscotch, both of my kids can do hopscotch and it encourages gross motor skills (like hopping).


Then I created a new game from our obsession with the game Sliders. I drew a big target on the ground and a line a little farther back where they would stand. Then they would throw the bean bag to see who gets the bigger score or number. This entertained them for a while, plus JT and I liked playing too.


These are great toys to add to our summer activities outdoors. Think of all the other things you could do like setting up buckets or containers and throwing the beanbag in them (like Bozo show). She has her own store on etsy called LivvieLee. There aren’t any beanbags but she has some really cute stuff on there that you can check out.

Check out more Things I Love at The Diaper Diaries.

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Hobby Hump Day – Valentine Decorations

I cannot take the credit on this one. I got the idea from Jodie at A Mom and her Camera. I don’t think mine turned out as well as hers did but I think I might do more tonight with J and L together and will add more to the windows. It’s so adorable and L and I had a ton of fun. Thanks Jodie.

Here are some pictures of L’s and my process…

Shaving/grating the crayons, we did pink and red but red only came out so next time we will use just pink.


Shavings Before                    Shavings After melted        Cute cut-out hearts

dscn97761       dscn9778       dscn9780

Finally L will her hearts hung in our window, I love it. I can’t wait to add more.


Check out more Hobby Hump Day at 3inunder3

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Hobby Hump Day

For Christmas this year if you’ll remember I made pretty much every gift. The one that was a HUGE surprise were the pictures I made for my cousin O, my cousin E, my aunt and my brother. Basically I took either their first name or last name and drove around in search of those letters, took a picture, printed them out in black and white and placed them into the frame. The only frame I could find was a five slot one from Target.

Thank god for Target on-line this will help explain… this is the frame I purchased for each of them:


and here are some of the pictures I took of everyday items or letters from signs around the tri-city area. I think they were a big hit. Now if only I could find a 6 photo frame then I could do my own last name cause I really want one.

dscn8509-2    dscn8459-2    dscn8461-2   dscn8445-2

For more Hobby Hump Day check out 3inunder3, plus she has a link to Bird and Little Bird who happens to be hosting a handmade toy swap to help “Save Handmade“. I haven’t made friends with my sewing machine yet, you have to thread apparently for them to work 🙂 but if you want to participate follow the above links.

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Hobby Hump Day

This year for Christmas I had the grand idea to handmake everything I possibly could. Well these were easy. I made these for the teachers:

Angel pins (I got the idea from Lifetime Moments newsletter):


There are four teachers in all… 2 for J and 2 for L. Here are close ups (you can click to make larger).

dscn8197   dscn8201

dscn8203   dscn8204

I ordered the plastic angel wings, teardrops and pearls at Lifetime Moments and then used some Christmas paper I already had in my stock of paper (there’s alot in my stock). I used Making Memories letter stickers and used hot glue to assemble the entire thing. Then I hot glued the pin back to the back and VOILA – angel pins!

I am very excited about these. I really hope they like them.

Check out more Hobby Hump Day at 3inunder3.

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Hobby Hump Day – Our Advent Calendar

Before the kids were born JT and I purchased an advent calendar for our future. I purchased this calendar/box from Restoration Hardware (ours is red and this one is from Target but it looks almost identical to this one):


Little did I know we would have this calendar for several years, I had hoped but who knew. Well I pulled it out this year and thought it just looked a little bland so I set to work with my scrapbooking supplies. Look at how it turned out. I couldn’t be more proud of my work.


Here are some close ups of the doors:



I also created an advent calendar for one of J’s teachers and one for a hostess gift for my aunt (so no pictures of that one). Here are the pictures of the cookie tray advent calendar I made. I got the idea from Pink Paislee’s blog.


All of the 25 pieces are magnetic and can be moved to reveal the numbers 1-25. It was a lot of work and cost a little more than I anticipated but I am was really happy with the results. I originally was going to give one away on my blog but the money I put into making 3 of these calendars I kind of decided not too. Sorry.

Check out more Hobby Hump Day or join in at 3inunder3.

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What’s Going On??

Well besides my giveaway here (drawing is on Tuesday, November 4th) and my cousin O opening her Etsy store Livvie Lee and drumroll please…. I will have a giveaway again next week to celebrate my blogiversary, an item from her new store. I know it’s almost too much to take. Two giveaways in one week. I love her headbands for little girls, the aprons are too cute and pretty soon she will be adding reusable bags. You need to check her out!!

We went today to see High School Musical 3 and we weren’t disappointed. L sat there all googly eyed, in fact she already has a date to see it again. She is going with her Uncle Na and his girlfriend C to see it on Thursday night. She’s so spoiled. I have to admit that it’s not that bad to sit and watch, there were a few eye rolls from me because it was a little sappy in parts but Zac Ephron is not to hard on the eyes and since the movie is primarily about him, there was a whole lot of watching, Zac that is. There are also a couple of catchy songs that were pretty good, I am sure I will have them stuck in my head the rest of the day. We went at the perfect time today… 12:50. There were only two other moms in there with their little girls. We practically had it to ourselves, there are outtakes as the credits roll so if you are lucky enough to attend the movie be sure to stay till the end.

Tonight we are thinking of attending Boo at the Zoo, I haven’t quite motivated everyone yet but I’m getting there. The kids will dress up if we go and who knows what L will be she can’t seem to decide between Cinderella, Tinker Bell or Belle. Luckily we own all of those costumes. She needs a costume for tonight, one for dance class on Thursday, one for school on Friday and then of course one for Friday night to trick or treat. J is easy, he is going to be Mr. Incredible, no matter where we go.

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My Very First Mommy Blogger Mixer & Giveaway

Yesterday L and I attended a St. Louis Mommy Blogger Mixer at Build-A-Bear Workshop hosted by them of course and Mom Select. We had so much fun. There was a theme of High School Musical and L was beside herself excited. We received a $50 gift card and were able to build a High School Musical Bear that comes with a dog tag necklace ($22), a High School Musical sound and purchase a High School Musical outfit. L picked out a shirt with all of her favorites on the front, a jean skirt, two bows and a pair of underpants, because everyone needs underpants. It was either underpants or shoes, not both! 

They played games with the kids and were really good with them, the people working there were dressed up, one was a cheerleader and the other was Kelsey (that is all L has talked about is Kelsey). The kids also made a ghost for a child less fortunate which was super cool, each kid put in a heart.

I was excited to meet other moms in STL or surrounding areas that blog but it was pretty cool because my cousin O was there and Mae (I was way excited when Mae turned around in front of me, I felt like my blog was in the same arena as hers) both were there with their girls (Piper Ann & Miss Boo). Piper Ann and L are inseperable at family functions and they are both pretty shy so they were happy to have each other there.

Piper Ann, L and Miss Boo – the names on their tags are their favorite characters

My Cousin O, ME and Mae

I did turn into sort of a geek when the CEO Maxine Clark came out to talk to everyone. We took a bunch some pictures with her and the kids and then a couple of her and us mom bloggers and then one of just her and me (see I told you – GEEK). I was very excited to meet her though. She was a very sweet person and she was happy to see all of us there. We were able to talk with her, she signed a copy of her book for us plus she even signed the shirt on L’s bear.

Me and Maxine Clark – hee hee


You can purchase a copy of her book here or here. You can also read more about Maxine here.

After all of the fun I let L do a little shopping for her dolls next door at Friends 2B Made. I had two $10 certificates from the Stuff It Club. She was able to purchase 3 outfits for her dolls and 1 spiderman outfit for J’s puppy. He was happy we didn’t leave him out. Here’s a pic of L before we left:


So you sat through all of that recap for THIS – I have a $25 gift card to give away to one of my lucky readers. All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me who you would use your gift card on and what you would most likely purchase. It’s good at both Build-A-Bear and Friends 2B Made.

GOOD LUCK! The drawing will take place on Tuesday, November 4th (my blogiversary), I will choose a name at random (I may vlog it, mae would be proud, but I haven’t decided yet). I will contact the commentor via e-mail so make sure it’s part of your comment.

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Wordless Wednesday – Cousins Rock!!

Here are 3inunder3’s kiddos (minus Oliver) and my two kiddos this weekend after swimming. They were very willing participants in my photoshoot.

Check out more WW here.

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Summer Fun Photo Contest

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a photo contest and I thought I would try again. If I win I will be splitting my money with this boy’s momma.

I adore this picture. Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever!! They will be choosing finalists on the 15th and announcing the winner on the 29th (J’s birthday). Stay Tuned!!!

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