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I’m so addicted…

I am ridiculously addicted to these songs lately. Some are a little hard to admit too but I’ve been made fun of for worse 🙂

I’m not a HUGE country fan but I love this song, it’s just the perfect amount of sad.

Okay, I never ever thought that I would like an Adam Lambert song, but this one I gave into

Two of the most somber songs… moving on…

Some a bit more upbeat 🙂

TOTALLY not for young eyes

Okay and this one is really a flashback to the 80s but I really like singing it at the top of lungs in the car. Yeah I may be 33 but I still do that.

Oh and Train’s new single is pretty good, L walks aroud the house singing this song


Caught Up

Finally I am caught up on my picture blog. I keep getting behind. Check it out My Coolpix. I leave you with this awesome YouTube video that is hitting the internet like wildfire. I saw it on Jodified and had to share… In honor of my brother and C getting married. I’m such a sap, it totally made me tear up.

Favorite Commercial

This is my favorite commercial, I could watch it again and again.

It’s been on TV for a while but I just am now getting around to learning about who sings “Let Your Love Flow” in the commercial cause I love her voice. Her name is Petra Haden and the song is available for free download here: Just thought I would share in case some else loves it as much as I do.

Holy Crap this is funny!!!

If you are on Facebook (which I am) and I know some of you are too and I know this because we are friends. You will find this video funny. I love facebook as much as the next person but yeah some of the stuff is annoying….

It was only a matter of time before someone did a video on this subject. Oh and see you on facebook. 🙂

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I totally want to see this now

I found this video on someone else blog while surfing this afternoon and now I want to see the movie. These guys are too funny.

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Finally a smile

I have been really sad today just because of personal stuff going on and finally something made me smile… my favorite song added to my phone as a ringtone and here is my favorite video to go along. This song makes me want to dance everytime plus this show is SO funny.

Hope if you are having a bad day too this will cheer you up!

Love you always mom!!!

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The Mom Song

For all of you moms out there…

You can find out more information on this video here.


Messin’ with Sasquatch

Have you seen these Jack Link’s Beef Jerky commercials? They are hilarious. Today JT is watching an Illinois basketball game on one of those stupid sports channels and this commercial came on:

JT and I couldn’t stop giggling. It looks so real like those guys were really hurt in the taping of that commercial. I guess that’s probably the funny part. But I have discovered that there are several of these commericals, even a website Messin’ with Sasquatch. Some are pretty funny and others just plain wrong. That poor big guy. The golf cart one though is pretty funny.

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J Reading Skeleton Hiccups

Remember my Halloween post here where I bragged about J reading Skeleton Hiccups and how it makes me go “ahhhh” and swoon a little cause he’s just so darn cute.

It’s not the best that he’s done but I still felt the need to post it:

Hic Hic Hic

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For all my right-wing friends

This is hilarious, I found it on my cousin Carrie’s blog.