The Season has begun

I’m not talking about Thanksgiving/Christmas we all know that is upon us, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. We have 34 days until Christmas. I’m not complaining this year because both my kids are done and I’m well on the way to being done with EVERYONE.

I was specifically referring to the commercials geared for full on ugly cry sobs. It’s come to me having to get up and walk out of the room. It’s terrible. Because I don’t like to suffer alone (no one does) here’s a few just for you. Grab your kleenex….

Here’s the worst one this year… just makes me crumble.

Hallmark is always the big winner – they get me every time but Folgers is a close second. This is a classic, doesn’t really choke me up anymore but it’s still a goodie but cheesy. When the mom walks down the steps and exclaims… OH PETER!!

That’s all I can come up with… I know there a few others that have choked me up this year so far and I can’t remember what they are…. oh well. I did find this one…. Okay I’m just warning you… this one is the best of the worst. SO incredibly sad and it’s not holiday.


I’ll leave you with a nice friendly one that evokes happiness… and a catchy song


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