The weekend

This weekend was chock full of fun…. I didn’t have a single session and was able to spend every waking minute with my lovely family. It was really nice.

Friday we had Trunk or Treat which was a lot of fun but we are used to this tiny little event at our old school. The one we attended at our new school was HUGE!!! Crazy out of control fun. I worked the event (have I mentioned my inability to say no) and didn’t see my kids or poor husband until the end. We attempted to decorate our car. Thinking it somewhat cool… NOT AT ALL. We were delusional. People/Families went all out!!! There was a haunted car, where the kids went in one side and slid down a slide at the end… there was a disco inferno with disco music and lights, there was a whole Harry Potter set up… we tried to do Harry Potter I made a really cool drawing of Hogwarts Castle…. It was pathetic. I still like my drawing but it was pathetic. We parked side by side of our good friends and I didn’t see them the whole night. I was pinning numbers on kids, the whole night. Insanity!!!

The best news of the night…. L won best overall costume. She was beside herself excited. When she got back from receiving her gift (a $10 g.c. to AMC theaters and a cool headband with our school logo) she told me “Mommy I’ve never won anything like this before”. I was so happy for her. My moms and my hard work paid off.

Hedwig and Harry Potter

Our Hogwarts attempt

My drawing of the castle

Kids with all their candy, sorting their favorites from the yucky


Saturday we had soccer. Our last fall soccer session. We’re pretty sure we’re going to sign them up for the winter indoor session. We really like the program their in. JT’s brother, sister-in-law and our niece joined us at the soccer field and after practice we headed out for lunch. We ate at Jilly’s Cupcake Bar. SO GOOD!!! Love spending time with them. After lunch we said goodbye and headed to the library where L picked all kinds of books. She is a reading machine.

When we got home JT and I changed our closets over. YUCK!! I hate doing that every year. I definitely have more winter clothes than I do summer. Mom came over after work and she and I drove out to Macy’s to buy her a birthday outfit, L joined us of course. After we were done shopping with my mom we came home for dinner and then headed back out for some more birthday shopping. Once home and kids in bed I watched the Cardinals win game 3. A huge win for us. It was a lot of fun to watch.


Sunday was my mom’s birthday. We met at Vin de Set for some brunch and then came back here to have a nice relaxing day. We watched a few Halloween movies, family friendly of course and JT made a good meal of Salmon, Chicken (for me and the kids), rice, cabbage – YUM!!! We had a great day just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. J got my mom a huge bunch of flowers and L got mom a necklace that means Love Forever.

There’s our weekend. A pretty nice one. Next weekend I’ll be back to working a lot but also trying to fit in some pumpkin carving.


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