Watching baseball with J

J is hilarious. He says the funniest stuff sometimes, not just about baseball – he pretty much has an opinion on everything but this week we’ll address his comments on baseball in honor of the Cardinals playing in the World Series.

1. He laid on my lap tonight and told me he needed to pay attention and watch the Cardinals win the World Serious

2. He wanted to know why the guy behind the catcher has on a gentleman’s suit and are there medals on his shirt

3. JT entered a contest today to win some tickets to Game 1… my mom asked me if he would take me… I said well sure who else would he take – J yells “ME he has me!!!”

4. Is a fall just like a home run? (fall = foul)

5. Daddy how do you get a point by throwing the ball?? (hmm neither of us knew what he was talking about with this one)

6. Pitcher is throwing balls on purpose to walk Pujols, J says “that’s cheating”

7. Oooh Mr. Freeze plays for the Cardinals. David Freese must be his real name

8. J was taking off his socks… Daddy what if the Red Socks (I know it’s Sox) were called the White Socks… Daddy says “there is a White Socks team” J exclaims “WHAT!!!”

9. If we go to the game I’m going to get Nachos, Pizza, Ice Cream…. so not interested in the game just the snacks. He says that’s the best part.

10. I hope they don’t lose!!! Amen buddy!!!

He apparently needs to watch more baseball with Daddy or just let Daddy watch the game. Go Cards!!!


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