There has to be another word for BUSY

If there were a stronger word I would use it because the word BUSY seems like an understatement. Hah. I have this problem, I can’t say no. I’m learning, slowly but surely to say NO, but it’s hard.

I am currently signed up to help at our Trunk or Treat event, I am the chair of the Scholastic Book Fair, I am room mom for L, I am room mom for J, I’m co-leader for L’s brownie troop, I’m making L’s costume for Halloween and I’m running a photography business. All of this in my busy season. It’s Christmas card/gift season. Luckily I’m not doing it all alone. I have an excellent fellow leader for L’s troop and we only meet once a month so it’s not a big deal (it’s not eating up my time), my co-chair for the book fair is splitting everything with me right down the middle so it’s kind of like we are co-chairs and the room mom thing you don’t do by yourself, obviously.

I’m not complaining but I do think I took on too much. I’ll have to remember this, and remember not to sign up for anything else. But there’s more. I decided to try and sell some kid stuff in a local sale and I have to get that ready in the next couple of weeks. Plus the saddest and worst part… our dog is dying. As a matter of fact I think this might be his last night with us. It’s sad but it’s time. There is no reason to keep him alive for us, his quality of life is gone.

All of that is enough by itself but I’m still a wife, mom and daughter. If it weren’t for my lovely, understanding husband and a mom that helps everywhere she can I’m not sure it would all get done.

Luckily I’m organized!!

This weekend, starting Friday, we had a Girl Scout bonfire.

Saturday the kids had soccer, a play date and I helped shoot a wedding

Sunday I had an early morning session, a birthday party and an afternoon session

I missed being with my family on this beautiful weekend but we are going to have a nice Christmas with all the money I’m saving from working. Plus we had a nice dinner out tonight just the 4 of us enjoying each other and talking about the fun things the kids did with Daddy. I would say that I’m waiting for Monday so my life will calm down but really who is ever really waiting for Monday.

Have a great week friends.


One thought on “There has to be another word for BUSY

  1. angie says:

    I thought you just had a dog die? How sad to go through that again so soon! I’m so sorry. Man you do sound busy! Makesme tired just thinking about it lol.

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