Being Three/Being Six

I found this post today while looking through my drafts. It’s all about J and it was set to be published in July of 2009. I guess I never got around to it… It was titled “Being Three” and now he is 6!!! Geez. That breaks my heart.



Pretty soon my little guy is going to be 4. It’s not a monumental birthday by any means but it feels like we are completely leaving the baby behind and the big boy is entering the picture.

He is all boy, he’s my early riser, he goes to bed with no problems, he’s my messy eater, he breaks my heart with his cuteness at least once a day, he likes to say pee pee and poo poo, he says the cutest things (for instance instead of saying something tastes like strawberries he calls them rose berries), he plays rough, poor guy suffers from night terrors when he’s over tired, he likes it when we style his hair like his Daddy, he tells the hairdresser 50 times while he’s getting his hair cut that he hates the hair dryer, he wants to be a superhero so he can fly, he can be very shy, he adores his Unca Na, he tends to not do things for himself, he just learned that he can pee outside in the grass, he gets his feelings hurt easily, he can be very clumsy, he doesn’t listen to me when I say no, he’s starting to realize that he’s tougher than L, he has a short attention span, he suffers constantly with nurse maid’s elbow, he’s content to play by himself but mainly plays with L, his speech is improving¬† and boy do I love him.

The other morning I woke up as JT was leaving for work, J was already up. He was sitting on the floor in front of the TV, watching Dora, eating Cheerios and he was surrounded by our dogs. He looked so lonely, I couldn’t wait to go in and see him and hear his sweet voice. It’s a little sad, he will never be 3 again.


There are so many things that have changed about my little man and a few things that haven’t. He’s still my early riser, still falls asleep easily, still a messy eater, still likes to use pee pee and poo poo in every phrase, his speech is so much better so there are no more cute sayings, he plays rough still… likes to punch his daddy a lot, still suffers from night terrors from time to time, hates when we mess with his hair, doesn’t mind the hairdryer anymore, no longer dreams of being a superhero, he now wants to be a baseball player, growing out of his shyness, Unca Na has been replaced with his buddies at school, still doesn’t like to do anything for himself, still clumsy and still gets hurt feelings easily, great attention span and a great listener, never gets in trouble at school, he grew out of nurse maid’s elbow (thank god, that sucked) and he is REALLY good at playing by himself, you can still find him in the mornings in front of the TV with a bowl of cheerios, the loves video games and watches YouTube video game clips on JT’s iPhone all the time, he has 4 really good buddies at school that he talks about all the time, he is excellent at make believe, fights with his sister but she can still kick his butt, likes to be responsible for Roscoe’s care, he feeds him and takes him out, he can be really annoying and just laugh when we tell him to knock it off, such a stinker, he looks just like me or so I’ve heard, he loves legos, harry potter, mario and batman and like I mentioned video games, his teacher says he doing above average work in the classroom, he’s reading… he’s 6.

This is our last year together during the day. He attends kindergarten in the afternoons and next year he will be in first grade all day. I think I’ll stop thinking/worrying about next year and live in this year (in the moment).

Pictures of J at 3

Pictures of J at 6

Love this guy!!


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