Random Letters To Whom It May Concern

dear rude lady in her car,

It is always polite to wave thank you when someone is kind enough to let you turn in front of them. But I suppose it’s hard to wave thank you when you are talking on your cell phone and drinking a cup of coffee. Thank god for your knees because what else would you be able to use for driving.


Me (the woman behind you shaking her head in disgust)

dear neighbor,

Your lovely dog is outside barking at you. It’s been about 30 minutes. The reason your dog is probably barking incessantly…. it’s pouring rain outside and I’m pretty sure you’re dog is not enjoying it’s shower.

your neighbor,


dear god,

This is a toughie. We all know that you’re the big guy, decision maker if you will. I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing, but this rain… it’s getting ridiculous. Pretty soon I’m going to need a row boat to get to my trash can outside. If you could just give me a heads up on the whole ark thing so I can get started on the building I’d appreciate it.

Forever yours,

Oh you know who I am

dear national newscasters,

When interviewing someone from our state (Missouri) could you try to find someone that has all of their teeth or possibly someone that can formulate an intelligent thought. I’m just sayin… this is a great state to live in and we would really love to represent!!

Thank you,

A concerned Midwesterner


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