In honor of my new love of Pinterest I thought I’d list other things I am loving right now.

  • Pinterest
  • Little girl swimsuits, they are so much more fun to look at then swimsuits for me
  • Wreaths, I’m obsessed with making or finding the perfect one for our front door
  • My Nook Color
  • The Office Staff singing their version of Seasons of Love to Steve Carrell
  • Tina Fey’s book Bossypants
  • All the sewing ideas in my head
  • Sprite
  • Licorice, Red Vines not Twizzlers
  • Real Simple Magazine
  • Our moving announcements I just ordered
  • J signed up for T-ball
  • L & J signed up for swim lessons
  • My new address on my drivers license
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • 70 degree days with sunshine
  • Sitting on the front steps with the neighbors watching the kids play
  • Mike Kraszinski, he’s such a freakin cutie. I’m sure the movie studio totally screwed up the movie Something Borrowed but he couldn’t be cuter in the previews
  • There’s a new Shopaholic book, It’s in my library on my nook…. just waiting for me.
  • Book club is this week and we’re eating Japanese food
  • My birthday present from my good friend. It’s an antique cradle for my business.
  • I’m booking sessions already. Yeah me!!
  • I’m streamlining my business this year to be newborns, kids and families.
  • Bethenney Frankel’s Ever After show
  • Sunflower seeds

That seems to be all I can come up with…


One thought on “LOVE

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I LOVE Pinterest 🙂
    And is the new Shopaholic book you are reading “Mini Shopaholic” or is there a newer one?
    I love those books! 🙂

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