Toy Catalogs

In the spirit of trying to fight the GRINCH… and since my kids are in the spirit I thought I would share this poem from one of our favorite Christmas books. It’s really fitting for my kids. You should see our stack of 15 or so catalogs and the two pages of lists they each have. Did I mention I’m teaching them this year that giving is better than receiving… yeah, ok. Just wanted to make sure. So anyway here’s the poem. I’m sure some moms can relate.

Toy Catalogs

(To the tune of “O Tannenbaum”)

From the book: Where Did They Hide My Presents?

by: Alan Katz and David Catrow


Toy catalogs

Toy catalogs

Each morning I inspect ’em

They’re volumes of

The stuff I love

That’s why I must collect ’em

These days they’re truly all I read

they’re crammed with stuff I truly need

I take care of

Toy catalogs

I guard and I protect them


I’m copying

My catalogs

So Santa will know better

I’ve circled everything I want

‘Cause I don’t need a sweater

A building set, a bass guitar

A jumbo jet, a racing car

Dear Santa Claus, I’m sorry it’s

A thirty-nine page letter


Toy catalogs

Toy catalogs

They make me so ecstatic

But thanks to these

Toy catalogs,

My life is problematic

If Santa brings each thing I ask,

To fit it all will be a task

My room is filled with catalogs,

So I’ll move to the attic!

Like I mentioned it’s a great book and it’s one of our favorites. You can see it here at Amazon. This isn’t a review I just was reminded of this poem as I was moving the stack of catalogs they have each accrued just so I could dust underneath them.


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