Fighting the Grinch

Christmas music has started!!! It’s playing on the radio right now. Really!!! Does anyone else think this is a little soon? I’m used to the stores getting carried away after Halloween, that’s a given. But I’ve seen two homes with trees up already. This is blowing me away this year. I think I need time to decompress and I usually use the time between Halloween and Thanksgiving to do just that. We all know the craziness starts the weekend after. It usually dawns on me as I sit and watch the news reports about Black Friday and people running each other over to just to purchase the perfect Christmas present for their husbands or kids. I don’t join in that debacle can you tell? I would rather poke myself repeatedly in the eye with a fork then venture out in the madness of Black Friday. I even plan my car trips that day AROUND the malls or large shopping areas. It’s enough to make me cuss, the big words, in front of my kids.

So as my title states I am really trying to fight the Grinch this year. I’m going to focus on the things that I’m thankful for for these next two weeks.

  1. My loving husband, he is the person in this world that completes me
  2. My kids. I look at them growing lately and it just warms my heart. I love them so much it hurts.
  3. My mom. Without her I can’t do anything, with her I can accomplish everything. She is so supportive of me and I love her immensely
  4. My friends. New and old. Every one of them enriches my life.
  5. My camera. I’m able to earn a little money and be creative at the same time.
  6. My daughter’s teacher. I really love her teacher this year, L is so happy and learning so much, we have the perfect fit for us.
  7. Fall. My favorite season, never mind the fact that my cough will not go away, who cares. Look outside, it’s beautiful. The cool weather means bringing out my favorite sweaters and boots and that makes me happy.
  8. New opportunities. I’m the new Daisy leader for my daughter’s troop. It’s a lot of work but I’m so happy I get to do something for her that she is thrilled about.
  9. Hugs. My son is the best hugger. He loves to cuddle still and I love that. I know it’s not going to last forever.
  10. Books and Magazines. I love to read and now so does L.
  11. Technology. I’ll admit it, I love all things electronic. My TV, my phone, my laptop, etc.
  12. Good health. Except for a cold and some allergies we are all healthy (knocking on wood).
  13. Being able to give to others in need this year. We’ve decided we’re going to participate in Operation Christmas Child. It’s time to teach the kids about giving to others is WAY more important than getting.
  14. Groupon. Because of Groupon I have two gifts taken care of. Thank you Groupon.

Well that’s all I can come up with today because my brain hurts. I’m off to call the doctor this sinus infection I’ve had since September won’t go away.


One thought on “Fighting the Grinch

  1. Becca says:

    I tackled Black Friday last year and actually had a great experience! I was a few days from giving birth (though I didn’t know it at the time) and couldn’t sleep, so I ventured out at 3 am to find a bunch of good deals! I agree though, I don’t go near a mall if I don’t have to between Thanksgiving and Christmas – well ther than to see Santa with the kids, but that’s it!

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