First Grade

L started first grade this year and leading up to the first day I was a mess. I held it together and JT, J and I went to drop her off on the first day. She was a PRO. No tears, no fits. She just got ready and went right in to her desk. Every day since has been a breeze. It’s like she was meant to do this. I guess I’m in amazement because I was never good at school. I hated going and I never did the work. She loves the work and loves getting up to go. Hah but I must remember that this is first grade we are talking about, not high school.

The family on the first day. I must mention that I had strep at the time and didn’t realize it, so I was really sick in this picture.

GeGe stopped by for the annual first day photo.

J and L – they’re are growing up WAY too fast

And the first grader…

I’m so proud of her and I’m really loving her school this year. The teacher is awesome and I just love the principal and the school – so things are good.


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