Backyard Safari Outfitters Review

It’s HOT outside. I’m not kidding. HOT. 101 kind of hot. So we’ve been spending a lot of time in the pool this week. But last week it was pleasant outside. Pleasant enough to be out exploring and having fun. We were sent some fun exploring items from Backyard Safari Outfitters to play with. They have such a cool line of toys. These are toys that create imagination and quite frankly toys that I don’t mind playing with them. It gets them outside instead of sitting in front of the TV and the Wii.

We were sent the…

Cargo Vest (Ages 5& Up – Retails $19.99)

The Cargo Vest is a great item. You can fill it up with all of your outdoor gear. There are special pockets for binoculars and the field guide. All kind of stuff. There are also D-rings so you can clip other Safari toys like the Field Tools.

Mega View Periscope (Ages 5 & Up – Retails $24.99) – sidenote: on sale at ToysRUs for $11.98

The kids LOVED the periscope. It’s actually a perfect edition to our play fort in the backyard. It’s a little heavy for them to handle when it’s fully extended. But it does have super sturdy handles and it’s easy for the kids to handle when only extended twice. I like the latch on the periscope that keeps it closed and the best part which we have unfortunately yet to try you can submerse it in water to see underwater without having to get in. So cool. It’s a great product.

and the Bug Vacuum (Ages 5 & Up – Retails $19.99)

I gotta say that my favorite product is the bug vacuum. The kids like it too. But man this means that I can suck up all those gross spiders that seem to make it into our house without calling my hubby. I can suck them up and take the unit outside. Unscrew the cap and shake it back outside (where it belongs). My kids like how the middle section has a magnifying glass. They can see all kinds of bugs up close. So far we have seen plenty of lightning bugs. They get freaked out by the rest but we’re working on it. 🙂

Each of these toys comes with a fantastic pop-up field guide. The field guide is full of illustrations and information for every subject related to outdoor and nature exploration, such as Field Communication, the Solar System, Butterflies, Fossils and Beetles. The kids love all the pictures and it’s very easy to fold, I don’t really have to worry about them tearing it or asking me 1,000 times a day to fold it up.

I think that these toys are AWESOME. I really think that these are going to be our go to gifts for birthdays and such. You can’t go wrong with toys that encourage outdoor play, exploration and imagination. You can find all their toys at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, and Target. Of course you can purchase them directly from the source and view more information at You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks to Team Mom for the opportunity.


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