Camp Wyman

There is a kindergarten tradition at L’s school. The week before school ends they head out to Eureka, MO and tromp through the woods exploring Camp Wyman. We were really looking forward to going with L. JT took the day off so we’re really super psyched. I had the backpack packed and I probably overdid it but it’s fine. I’m an over packer, it’s just who I am. Plus we were going in the WOODS. I’m not a woods fan. There are ticks in the woods and I’m not a fan of ticks either. Here’s just half of what I packed (for one day)

Also in preparation, we had been watching the weather for over a week to see if it was going to rain. Because here in the Lou we are currently in a Monsoon season. It has been raining non-stop, so we were very happy about the weather report showing no rain for Friday. Yeah.

Woke on Friday morning, guess what?! It was raining and it didn’t look like it was going to be moving out until after our trip was over.  Awesome. Thank you sucky weather people. I could do your job. Anyway, I threw a couple of books and coloring books into the backpack and off we went.

We got to school, received our instructions and boarded the bus. Short trip later and we were there. It was still raining BTW. Luckily they put our group in this meeting room where it was warm and dry. Once we unloaded our lunches we were free to walk around. We were assigned to groups so we had to stay with our group, that way no one would get lost. The teacher put all the girls in one group, she’s so smart!!!

We walked to the frog pond where we were told to watch for water moccasins but we were also told we would find crawdads and tadpoles, turtles, fish, frogs…. ugh all that grossness. The girls got to the pond and we walked around, saw a snake and that was that. There was no dipping in their jars to catch something, none of that. They wanted to move on. So we did.

Walking to the pond

Hello Mr. Water Moccasin

After the frog pond we walked up this hill and two of the girls fell. It was so funny because they both started screaming and cried a little. So funny. They were all muddy and PISSED. Love it. So we head up this hill/trail and we think we are on our way to awesome exploring – NAH – we never found anything. One cool thing was this obstacle course where they had this huge platform and you would have to balance on it because it would teeter back and forth. That was their favorite part of the whole trip. Girls are awesome. I was totally in the right group. The whole time I was completely relaxed too. I wasn’t worried about L getting muddy or wet because really it was pouring. What did I think was going to happen?!?! She actually ended up being one of the cleanest girls on the trip. I couldn’t be more proud.

The ladies on the platform

I had made these camp bags for all 16 kids in the class and in those bags were a jar for catching “stuff”, a milk carton boat, a snack and a scavenger hunt. When we had had enough “walking around trying to find someplace interesting” we decided to walk back to our comfy meeting room (for lack of a better term). On our walk back we stopped at the creek and one of the mom’s got in the creek to float the girls boats. She was brave but really we were already soaked so what’s a wet shoe or two?!

Onward we marched. Right to another body of water… a larger pond perhaps. I don’t know. Looking for interesting things… NOTHING.

I finally put my foot down and said “Enough of this god forsaken rain, I’m done. In we go.” Hah!!! Yeah it was a group decision. Inside we went. Every single child changed out of their wet clothes and we sat down to eat some lunch and color some pictures. Thank god for that meeting room.

After lunch the kids all wanted to play outside and the rest of the groups were slowly coming back and that’s when the sun decided to come out. We had a lot of fun. There were turtle races, hunting in a creek for crawdads (which L held), pictures and just general playing. At one point they packed so many people on this little dock I thought for sure someone was headed in the water but we were lucky no one swam that day.

Our teachers are awesome!!

JT, L and I

The whole group

After all that fun it was time to head home. We were exhausted. There were quite a few kids asleep on the bus and a few adults. Including my baby…

and my other baby… hah!!

We really did have fun, sure we were wet, muddy, cold and tired but what a day full of memories. I’m really going to miss kindergarten. It’s been a great year.


One thought on “Camp Wyman

  1. Becca says:

    I can hike with the best of them, but I’m not a fan of being in the rain etc either so I understand. I had to point out that I love your hat though and think you look fabulous in it! 🙂

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