Dancer of the Month and other J stuff

I think I’ve mentioned before that we have two ballet proteges in the house. J started taking ballet when L invited him to be her guest on Halloween. He has really improved, he listens to his teacher and despite distractions from another certain student he always behaves. So The Studio made him the Male Dancer of the Month.

They mentioned his name in the newsletter and we received a yard sign to display in our yard. He’s so proud and frankly so are we. There was a lot of jealousy. Poor L wants to know when it will be her turn to be Dancer of the Month. Ballet is more her thing and she is really, really good. In fact they moved her up a class for next year. I explained to her that there aren’t as many boys in ballet as there are girls and the boys’ turns come around quicker. Plus we should be proud of J because it’s an honor and it means he is doing well.

After all the explanations and the teacher explaining to her also, we were on our way home from class Thursday she said, “J I’m so proud of you, it’s a real honor that you were chosen. You are a good dancer and I’m glad you’re the Dancer of the Month.” Aaaawwwww. Way to go L. Way to beat the jealousy.

Here’s a picture from my iPhone of my big guy.

J and I have been spending a lot of time together this week and it’s been awesome. On Tuesday I was mom helper at preschool and we blew bubbles and played with all kinds of fun messy stuff.

Wednesday we played Wii together pretty much all day, did I mention he’s a 4 year old gamer.

Thursday was Mother’s Tea at school and he was so excited to give me his card he’d made. He was asked several questions about me… like what’s your mommy’s name (he got it right); how old is your mommy (47 – WTH?!?); What color are your mommy’s eyes and hair (blue and brown); What’s your mommy’s favorite food (anything that Daddy cooks, that a boy) and finally… Why do you love your mommy (Because she helps me clean up my room). Could eat that boy up. So anyway at the tea I had the card, a picture he painted of flowers and a potted flower. We were then treated to hand massages by our kids. Poor J hated doing it but it was really sweet he tried anyway. His teacher read us a book, Are You My Mother? and J curled up in my lap and laid his head on my shoulder. I ate it up. Having a boy means that I could possibly lose all that cuddling, kisses and hugs, so I’ll take what I can get and enjoy every minute.

Today we went to the mall because he came up with the idea to Build A Bear (or bunny) for L’s upcoming graduation present. We decided on the flowered bunny with a white cap and gown. He is so excited to give it to her. Then we ran and ran and ran errands and he never complained once. I think that he just loves being with his mommy. I know I love being with him.

Here we are at Mother’s Tea with my flower and flower pot he painted

Getting my hand massage

Cuddling during story time

On our Burger King lunch date (we had to get an Iron Man toy) today


One thought on “Dancer of the Month and other J stuff

  1. Uncle T-Bone says:

    47???!!! Where has all the years gone? Apparently I missed quite a few of them.

    Love always and forever.

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