April Madness

It’s the last week of April and I have never been so happy to have a month over. In the month of April we had…

  • A Grandparents/Easter party
  • Easter
  • Another Easter party
  • A bridal shower
  • 3 birthday parties for a little 6 year old
  • A Zoo field trip
  • A butterfly house field trip
  • A trike-a-thon
  • A bashment party
  • My birthday
  • 2 baby showers
  • My brother left for Jamaica to get married
  • book club
  • Mary Kay shoot
  • second shooter at a rehearsal dinner
  • and a daisy meeting

I’m worn out!!! We had something every Saturday and Sunday. Something every day of the week and a million errands to run. Wow I think it was the busiest April on record ever. I enjoyed a lot of the things on that list but I am really tired. I recall only feeling this tired two other times in my life. When I had newborns.

Add to all that… I decided to hand make a couple of the gifts. A post on all that is coming soon.

I’m also really emotionally drained. I didn’t do so well on one of my shoots and that makes you feel like a failure, plus some other stuff that has just had me down lately. What I need is some serious recoup time but who has that time… May is around the corner and it’s not as busy but it’s getting there. So far in May we have….

  • A baptism shoot (should be fun, it’s for a good friend)
  • First dentist appts for both kids (not looking forward to)
  • Camp field trip for L that both JT and I are trying to go to but don’t have a sitter for poor J, cause he’s not invited. As I was rudely told. Do you know how much stress that adds to us moms when one child isn’t invited but yet they want both parents at an event
  • An engagement shoot (very excited about)
  • Last day of school party
  • Preschool end of year program and Kindergarten Graduation on the same day/night
  • Book club (always a good time)
  • A charity walk… Strides for Sids (in honor of a friends baby, we have a team if your interested in walking with us)
  • A trip to Chicago
  • and at some point, unscheduled… a family shoot for some of our family members
  • Oh and maybe a new baby this month for our good friends.

I enjoy being with my family, my friends and I enjoy working. I just have to get back into the right frame of mind. But now you know why you haven’t heard from me or seen me this month.


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