Wright on Time Book Series Review

I was recently sent two books to review from the Wright on Time series. The books follow a homeschooling family as they RV across all 50 states, I guess technically they are roadschooling. The family consists of Nadia, age 11; Aidan, age 7 and their parents, Stephanie and Harrison. I was sent Book 1 – Arizona and Book 2 – Utah.

In book 1 the Wright’s homeschooling RV adventure begins. They are off to explore a cave. In this story Nadia is excited to find gemstones and Aidan can’t wait to see and learn about bats. As you read the story you are right there along side them taking everything in. Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley does a fantastic job of describing things the characters see and the way they are feeling. On the second page there is a great description of the desert setting and when she described the warm breeze as relaxing I knew exactly what she meant. This book leaves you hanging. What is the mysterious thing that the Wright family discovers? Well you have to read the second book to find out, and read it I did.

In book 2 the Wright’s move onto Utah where Aidan can’t wait to uncover some dinosaur bones at an Allosaurus dinosaur dig. Nadia can’t wait to uncover clues that will decipher the symbols on the mysterious device.

These are great books. A couple things I loved about them were

  • The glossary of terms in the back
  • The more facts about the state page. Love that you can learn all these things about a state, like state neckware or state amphibian.
  • The map illustration at the beginning of the book

Things I wasn’t crazy about

  • When I was first contacted to review the books they informed me that they would be perfect for people with kids ages 5 to 12. Well L wasn’t all that interested so I ended up reading them by myself. So I think it’s a little over her head.
  • Calling the parents by their first names, it was a little confusing at times. Plus I think Mom and Dad would have been just fine.

I can really see how these books would be extremely helpful to homeschooling moms and dads. Heck I think they’ll be useful to L when she’s in first or second grade. Or even for a student that’s doing a report on one of our 50 states. I know I can’t wait to read the Missouri one. Learning more about our country is a good thing.

FYI Book 3 is coming out in 2010 and will be all about Wyoming.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did, now I’m off to talk to JT about renting an RV for our own adventures 😉


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