Easter 2010

This year we knew we wanted to do a brunch and we always enjoy Chaumette winery. We had gone three years ago and had Easter brunch there but this year they had some activities for the kids. They had Easter egg hunts broken down by age and also real bunnies you could hold and pet.

We of course did an Easter egg hunt here at the house first. We bought those silly eggs that talk this year from Target, those are a little annoying. Cute but annoying. Anyway on to the pics.

The kids waiting for the egg hunt to start

Posing with their baskets

Mom and the kids at brunch

Orange juice tastes so much better when in a wine glass

We had a cute yet really feisty bunny. It kept trying to get away from Nate

JT, L, J and Carrie on the hunt

In all our Easter finery.

A quick sidenote: it was a beautiful day. Warm and breezy… no worries. Right? Right? Yeah, my mind wasn’t completely wrapped around the fact that we’d be outside for most of the day and there is no shade out there. Do you get where I’m going with this?! My olive skinned husband and daughter were fine but poor J and I were roasty after our day out. Luckily J had on long sleeves because otherwise it would’ve been bad for him.

I love this picture of L and my mom running and having fun.

My handsome guy

and my beautiful little girl

Walking up the hill to see the chapel

Helping Nate and Carrie practice walking down the aisle

JT and kids singing hymns

Nate and Carrie

L and J

and our family

The best Easter. It was so relaxing and besides the sunburn it was a fabulous day.


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